Sandor Szathmari

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Sandor Szathmari was pre-eminent among the creators of prose in Esperanto and is revered particularly for his novel Vojaĝo al Kazohinio (Voyage to Kazohinia).

Born in Hungary in 1897, he learned Esperanto in 1912 and first began to write in the language in 1932, as a sideline to his career as a mechanical engineer. Between 1937 and 1942 he presided over the business management of the Hungarian Esperanto Association. In 1939 he finished work on Vojaĝo al Kazohinio. However its publication was delayed by the outbreak of war in Europe and it didn't appear in Esperanto until 1958, by which time three Hungarian editions had stolen its thunder. His short stories were published widely in the 50s and 60s, in the revues: Belarto, Monda Kulturo, La Nica Literatura Revuo, Monda Kulturo and Hungara Vivo.

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