Kalman Kalocsay

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Kalocsay has been described as the pillar of Esperanto poetry. In fact his influence pervades the entire literature and language theory of Esperanto. For more than a quarter of a century he inspired and guided the literary world of Esperanto through the revue Literatura Mondo (Literary World) and the publishing house of the same name. The Parnasa Gvidlibro (Guidebook to Parnassus), which he created in 1932 in collaboration with Gaston Waringhien, became the standard reference work for all aspiring poets and remains so today. His Streĉita Kordo (A Taut String) ranks among the two or three most outstanding collections of original poetry in the international language. His numerous translations are also considered to be the pinnacle of their art, his linguistic studies are still among the most widely consulted today, and his fostering of new talent opened doors for a score of contributors who might otherwise have remained in the shadows or abandoned the expression of their ideas in Esperanto.

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