Gyulya Baghy

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Gyulya Baghy (1891 - 1967) was a writer and an actor. Born in Hungary, he learned Esperanto in 1911 and began his tireless work for the movement during his six year military captivity in Siberia. Baghy was an emotionally lyrical interpreter of that fundamental humanity which lies at the heart of the international language collective. For this reason he is one of the most "Esperantist" poets, someone who can only be understood with great difficulty by outsiders. His poems are melodic, have an air of spontaneity and abound in a rich variety of word forms peculiar to Esperanto. Their rhythm depends on the inspiration of the moment. His first collection of poems appeared in 1922: Preter la Vivo (Beyond Life), which is probably also his chef d'oeuvre. Pilgrimo (Pilgrim) followed in 1926, and La Vagabondo Kantas (The Vagabond Sings), in 1933. The most lyrical is the former. In the latter, an abundance of rhythm and rhyme covers gaps in inspiration and in analysis of the theme.

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