Yevgheny Mikhalsky

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The outbreak of the October Revolution and the post-war growth of proletarian revolutionary movements in almost every economically developed nation, enthused many poets who attempted to express that new sense of optimism about the coming world order in their work. Among them was a group of Esperanto-language writers within the former Tsarist empire who came to be known as the Soviet and Proletarian School. The list of names includes Nekrasov, Grogorov, Khrima, Matkowski, Burger and Mikhalsky.

The greatest of these was undoubtedly the latter - the Russian teacher Yevgheny Mikhalsky (1897 - 1937), who learned Esperanto in 1911 and in 1917 founded a literary review in Saratov: Libera Torento (Free Torrent).

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