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Aug 2017

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_ode

Sater`daj, 19 August 2017

God`jefe is in London. Sce_ wyrceth alse nanny, jemende twa_ cildre. E_k Hro_th`ware is in London. Sce_ wyrceth alse innen-and`weorpere. Innen-and`warp is ma_re than inne-fratwe. Offa wyrceth in advertising in Mel`burn and Mo_d`thry_th wuneth in Forest Lodge. Mo_d`thry_th wyrceth in a_n ale`hu_s, the i`meane be_or-sal of Hunte`hyl-Inn, and be`byggeth vintage-weades at the Glebe-ceap`sto_w. Ne_wen a_n thrycc-i`si_thscipe u_the hire a_n inner`scipe - a_n daj a' wuke of unpaid weork, alse graphic and`weorpere. The i`si_thscipe ne hafeth a_gene thrycc`ern.

21 April 2019

Eadij Eastre`daj and Pesah

18 May 2019

I`se_lije, sah ic Dubrovnik ear that Daenerys Targaryen and hire drake hit for`dyden.

23 October 2019

Ic sah the swe_j-pleje "Hear" jestren-e_fene. The wi_f be`hinden me_ sang thurh`u_t and hlu_de. "Go_d Hlafdij, ic be`se_ce the_ - linn thi_n sa_ng. Ic ne jald ehte`tij dollars the_ to_ he_ren." Mi_n a_ne hre_ow - that ic thise wordes eft thohte, in the train.

25 October 2019

The NBN*-man cumeth, and breketh u_re gas-pi_pe.

19 November 2019

Is hit wyrd that the latest`e niht tha_ maj ic mi_n i`scot-writ online a`senden`, is e_k Alre Halgen E_fen?

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