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A Grammar of Interlingua

Alexander Gode & Hugh Blair IALA 1951

Grammatical Words

Q - T

qual: which; what
le qual: which; that; who
qualcunque: any, whatever
quando: adv/conj when
quandocunque: whenever
quante: add how much, how many
quanto: adv as much as; as far as
quanto ... tanto: the ... the
quanto a: as for
quare: wherefore, why
quasi: almost, nearly; in a certain sense, in a way
quasi que: as if
que (interr pron): what
que (rel pron): who, whom, which, that
qui: who, whom
de qui: whose
quia: because, for
quicunque: whoever, whomever, whosoever
quo (adv): whither, where; wherefore
quo (conj): so that, in order that
re: about, concerning
retro: back, backwards; ago
a retro: backwards
salvo: save, but, but for
salvo que: save that, but that
satis: enough; rather, somewhat
esser satis: to be enough
haber satis: to have enough
satis de (tempore, etc.): enough (time, etc.)
se: refl pron himself; herself; itself; themselves
secundo: prep (following) after; along, by; according to
secundo que: according as
sed: but
semper: always
si (adv): thus, so; yes
si ... como: as... as
si (conj): if; whether
si non: if not; except, unless it be
sia: be, may be, let there be
sia ... sia: be (it) ... or be (it); whether ... or
qual que sia: whatever, whatsoever
sin: prep without
sol: adj sole, alone, only
viver sol: to live alone
sentir se sol: to feel lonesome, lonely
solo: adv only, merely
non solo ... ma anque: not only... but also
su: his, her, its
sub: prep under, below, beneath
subinde: immediately after, just after, forthwith; repeatedly, frequently, often, from time to time
subito: suddenly, unexpectedly
subtus: adv below, beneath, underneath
sue: his, hers, its
super (prep): on, upon; on top of; over, above; about, concerning, on
super (adv): above, on top
super toto: above all
supra (prep): above, over
supra (adv): on the top, above
sur: on, upon; on top of
tal: such, such a
tal e tal: such and such
talmente: adv so
un libro talmente belle: so beautiful a book, such a beautiful book
tamen: yet, however, nevertheless, not withstanding
tante: adj so much, so many
tante per cento: so much per hundred, percent age
tante ... como: as much, as many... as
tanto: adv, so, so much
tanto ... como: as much... as
in tanto que: in as much as
tanto plus ... que: all the more... that
quanto ... tanto: the... the
tarde: adj, late
plus tarde: later; later on
al plus tarde: at the latest
te: you, thee; yourself, thyself
tosto: presently, soon, promptly
plus tosto: rather, sooner
si tosto que: as soon as
tote: adj all; every, each
tote le (homines): all (men)
totos: all, everyone
de tote (le) corde: wholeheartedly
tote (le) duo: both
totevia: yet, still, nevertheless
toto: n all, everything
le toto: the whole
super toto: above all
ante toto: before all
post toto: after all
del toto: at all
in toto: entirely, wholly, in toto
toto: adv all, quite, wholly
trans: across, over, beyond, on the farther side of
troppo: too, too much
troppo (de) (libros, etc.): too many (books, etc.)
troppo (de) (aqua, etc.): too much (water, etc.)
de troppo: superfluous, in the way, de trop
tu: your, thy
tue: yours, thine
tunc: then
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