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A Grammar of Interlingua

Alexander Gode & Hugh Blair IALA 1951

Grammatical Words

M - P

ma: but
non solo ... ma anque: not only... but also
malgrado: in spite of
maniera: manner, way
de maniera que: so that
me: me
melio: adv better
tanto melio: so much the better
melior: adj better
le melior: the best
mesme: same; myself, yourself, himself, etc. (as in "the king himself")
mesmo: likewise; even
hodie mesmo: this very day
ora mesmo: right now
mi: my
mie: mine
minus: less; minus
a minus que: unless
al minus: at least
totos minus ille: all but him
le minus: the least
multo: very; much
nam: for
nemo: no one, nobody
ni: neither, nor, also not
nihil, nil: nothing
nimie: adj too much, too many
nimis: adv too, too much
no: adj, no
non: not; no
si non: if not; except, unless it be
nondum: not yet
nonne: interr part is it not?
il es ver, nonne?: it is true, isn't it?
nonobstante (prep): despite, in spite of
nonobstante (adv): nevertheless
nos: us, we
nostre: our, ours
nulle: adj not any, no; null, worthless, without legal force
nullemente: in no way, not at all
nunc: now
nunquam: never
nusquam: nowhere
o: or
o ... o: either ... or
olim: once, formerly; at a future time, sometime (in the future)
omne: adj all; each, every
de omne mano: from every hand
de omne latere: from every side
in omne caso: in any case
omne cosa: everything
omnes: pron all
on: one
ora: now
parte: part
a parte: apart, aside
in parte: in part
del parte de: on the part of
de parte a parte: through and through
in nulle parte: nowhere
passato: ago
pauc: adj little, not much; few
un pauc (de): a little
pauc a pauc: little by little
in pauc: shortly, before long
pauco: adv little
per: through; during, throughout; by, through, by means of; per
perque: adv/conj why; because
plus: more; plus
le plus: the most
de plus: furthermore, besides
de plus in plus: more and more
in plus: further more, in addition, also
al plus: at best
plus o minus: more or less
non ... plus: no more; no longer
pois: adv afterwards, thereafter; conj for
pois que: since, as, because
post (adv): behind, back, backwards; afterwards, after
post (prep): behind; after
post que: since, because
postea: afterwards, thereafter
postquam: conj after; as soon as
potius: rather; sooner
presso: adv/prep near, close
a presso de: at the home of; in care of; with, among
presto: presto, quickly, quick as a wink
preter (adj): past, beyond
preter (prep): past, along, alongside of; beyond; except, excepting; in addition to
pridem: long ago
pro: for, in favor of; in exchange for, in place of
pro (+ inf): (in order) to
proque: adv/conj why; because
supra previe sequente