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A Grammar of Interlingua

Alexander Gode & Hugh Blair IALA 1951

Grammatical Words

U - Z

ubi (adv): where
ubi (conj): where; when; as soon as; wherewith; in which
a ubi: where, whither; de ubi: from where, whence
ubicunque: wherever
ubique: everywhere; anywhere, wheresoever, wherever
ultra (adv): on the other side, beyond, farther
ultra (prep): on the farther side of; beyond, past; besides
ultra illo: besides, moreover
ultra que: aside from the fact that
un: a, an
le un le altere: one another, each other
le unes le alteres: one another, each other
uno: indef pron one
unquam: ever, at any time
usquam: somewhere
usque prep (all the way) to, up to; till, until
usque nunc: up to now
verso: towards, to
via (adv): away; off
via!: go away!, begone!
via (prep): by way of, via
vice: turn, stead; time (as in "three times")
alicun vices: sometimes
un vice: once; on one occasion; formerly
un vice que: once, once that
in vice de: instead of; a vices: at times
altere vice: a second time
plure vices: several times, repeatedly
viste: considering; viste que considering that
voluntarie: willingly, readily, gladly, with pleasure
vos: you; yourself, yourselves
vostre: your, yours
ya: adv indeed, certainly, of course
ya (io lo crede): (I) do (believe it)
supra previe sequente