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A Grammar of Interlingua

Alexander Gode & Hugh Blair IALA 1951

Grammatical Words

I - L

ibi: there
ibidem: in the same place; ibidem ibid.,; Ib.
idem: the same (thing); idem; id.
igitur: adv/conj then, therefore, thereupon
il: impers pron it
illa: she, her
illac: there
ille: he, it; him; that, the former
illes: they; them
illo: it
in: in, into
infra (adv): below, underneath, beneath
infra (prep): below, under, beneath
insimul: together
inter: between, among
interim: meanwhile, in the meantime
intertanto: meanwhile, in the meantime
intra: adv/prep within
intro: inwardly, internally, on the inside, in
io: I
ipse: myself, yourself, himself, etc.
hodie ipse: this very day
iste: this, the latter
ita: thus, so; just so, yes; and so, consequent]y; accordingly
jam: already, at once, right away; just now, a moment ago; indeed, surely
non... jam: no longer
jammais: ever, at any time
non... jammais: never
jammais!: never!
justo: just, exactly
justo nunc, justo ora: just now, right now
juxta (adv): near, near by
juxta (prep): near, near to, next to
la: her
le: art the
le: pron him
les: them
lo: it
lo que: that which, what
loco: place
in loco de: instead of
in su loco: instead
longe: far; away, far away
de longe: from afar, from a distance
lontan: distant, far-off
lor: their
lore: their
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