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A Grammar of Interlingua

Alexander Gode & Hugh Blair IALA 1951

Grammatical Words

E - H

e: and; e ... e: both ... and
ecce: lo!, see!, behold!; here is, here are
ergo: therefore, accordingly, consequently, then, ergo
esque: interr part
esque ille ha le libro?: has he the book?
et cetera, etc.: and so forth, and so on, et cetera, etc.
etiam: also, likewise, too; even, even yet, yet;
non solmente ... sed etiam: not only... but also
ex: out of, from
excepte: except, excepting
extra (adv): without, on the outside; besides, in addition, extra;
extra (prep): outside of, without, beyond; except, excepting; besides, in addition to
foras (adv): out of doors, outside, out; from without
foras (prep): beyond, except
foras de: outside of, without
foras de se: beside oneself
forsan: perhaps, maybe
gratis: gratis, free of charge
haber: to have
il ha: there is, there are
heri: yesterday
hic: here
de hic a (un hora): (an hour) from now
usque (a) hic: up to here, thus far; up to now, hitherto;
hic juncte: herewith
hodie: today
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