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A Grammar of Interlingua

Alexander Gode & Hugh Blair IALA 1951

Grammatical Words

A - D

a: to; at
ab: prep since, from
alias: otherwise, in another manner; alias; at another time
alibi: elsewhere
ali(c)-: any-, some-
alicubi: somewhere; anywhere
alicun: some, any; a few;
alicun cosa: something, anything
alicuno: someone, somebody; anyone, anybody
aliquando: sometime; at any time
aliquanto: somewhat, to some degree
alique (pron): something, anything
alique (adv): somewhat
alora: then; in that case, consequently
alto: top
in alto: up; upwards; upstairs; on top
ambe: adj both;
ambes: pron both
an: interrogative particle; conj whether
an il habe le libro?: has he the book?
ancora: adv still, yet; interj encore
anque: also, too;
anque io: me too
non solo ... ma anque: not only ... but also
ante (prep): before, in front of; earlier than; above
ante (adv): before, ahead; earlier; forward
ante que: before
ante-heri: day before yesterday
a pena: hardly, scarcely
apud: near, with, at, by
assatis: adv enough; rather, fairly, quite
assi: thus, so
assi ... como: as ... as
avante: before, in front, ahead; forward
basso: bottom
a basso: down, downward
in basso: down, below, downward; downstairs
bastante (adj): enough, sufficient
bastante (adv): enough, sufficiently
ben que: although
bis: twice; encore
cata: adj each;
cata uno: each (one)
causa: cause
a causa de: because of
certo: certainly
circa: around, about; approximately
como: how; as, like;
como si: as though, as if
comocunque: however, in whatever way
con: with, together with; by means of
concernente: concerning
contra (prep): opposite, facing; against
contra (adv): opposite, facing; on the contrary
cuje: whose
-cunque: -ever
de: from, since; of, belonging to; made of; with, by means of
de (+ inf): to
deman: tomorrow
deman matino: tomorrow morning
deman vespere: tomorrow night
depost (adv): afterwards, later
depost (prep): after, since
depost que: since, from the time that
desde: prep since, from
dum: while, as long as; until; provided that, if only
dunque: therefore
durante: during
durante que: while, whilst
supra previe sequente