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The Proclamation of Henry III 18th October, 1258

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Henri, t`ury` Godes fultume King on Engleneloande, Lhoauerd on Yrloande, Duk on Normandi, on Aquitaine, and Eorl on Aniow, send igretinge to alle hise holde, ilaerde and ileawede on Huntendoneschire. T`aet witen y`e wel alle t`aet we willen and vnnen t`aet t`aet 5 vre raedesmen, alle ot`er t`e moare dael of heom, t`aet beot` ichosen t`ury` us and t`ury` t`aet loandes folk on vre kuneriche, habbet` idon and schullen don in t`e wort`nesse of Gode and on vre treowt`e, for t`e freme of t`e loande, t`ury` t`e besiy`te of t`an toforen iseide redesmen, beo stedefaest and ilestinde in alle t`inge a buten aende. And we hoaten alle vre treowe, in t`e treowt`e 10 t`aet heo vs oy`en, t`aet heo stedefaestliche healden and swerien to healden and to werien t`o isetnesses t`aet beon imakede and beon to makien t`ury` t`an toforen iseide raedesmen, ot`er t`ury` t`e moare dael of heom, alswo alse hit is biforen iseid; and t`aet aehc ot`er helpe t`aet for to done bi t`an ilche ot`e ay`enes alle men, riy`t for to done and to foangen, and noan ne nime of 15 loande ne of ey`te, whert`ury` t`is besiy`te muy`e beon ilet ot`er iwersed on onie wise. And y`if oni ot`er onie cumen her ony`enes we willen and hoaten t`aet alle vre treowe heom healden deadliche ifoan. And for t`aet we willen t`aet t`is beo stedefaest and lestinde, we senden y`ew t`is writ open, iseined wit` vre seel, to halden amanges y`ew ine hord. Witnesse vsseluen aet 20 Lundene, t`ane ey`tetent`e day on t`e mont`e of Octobre, in t`e two and fowertiy`t`e y`eare of vre cruninge. And t`is wes idon aetforen vre isworene redesmen: Boneface Archebischop on Kanterburi. Walter of Cantelow, Bischop on Wirechestre. Simon of Muntfort, Eorl on Leirchestre. Richard of Clare, Eorl on Glowchestre and on Hurtford. Roger Bigod, Eorl on 25 Northfolke and Mareschal on Engleneloande. Perres of Sauueye. Willelm of Fort, Eorl on Aubemarle. Iohan of Plesseiz, Eorl on Warewik. Iohan, Geffrees sune. Perres of Muntfort. Richard of Grey. Roger of Mortemer. Iames of Aldithele, and aetforen ot`re inoy`e. And al on t`o ilche worden is isend into aeurihce ot`re shcire ouer al t`aere kuneriche on Engleneloande and ek intel Irelonde.