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The Proclamation of Henry III 18th October, 1258

in a normalised Early Middle English (East Midland dialect c 1200)

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Henri_, thurh Godes fultum King on Engle`lande, la_ferd on I_re`lande, Duc on Normandi_, on Aquitaine, and Erl on Aniou, sendeth gre_tinges to_ alle his holde, y`learede and y`leawede on Huntendone`sci_re. That witen ye_ wel al that we_ willen and unnen that that u_re reades`men, alle other the ma_re deal of hem, that be_n y`chosen thurh us and thurh that landes folk on u_re kine`ri_ce, habben y`do_n and sculen do_n in the wurthnesse of Gode and on u_re tre_wthe, for the freme of the lande, thurh the be`sihthe of the to_`foren y`sayde reades`men, be_ stede`fast and leastende in alle thing a_ bu_ten ende. And we_ ha_ten alle u_re tre_we, in the tre_wthe that hi_ us a_gen, that hi_ stede`fastli_ce ha_lden and sweren to_ ha_lden and to_ weren the i`setnesses that be_n y`makede and be_n to_ maken thurh the to_`foren y`sayde reades`men, other thurh the ma_re deal of hem, alswa_ alse hit is be`foren y`sayd; and that ealc o_ther helpe that for to_ do_n bi_ the ilke a_the a`yeanes alle men, riht for to_ do_n and to_ fangen, and na_n ne nime of lande ne of ahte, hwear`thurh this be`sihthe muge be_n y`lett other y`wersed on a_niy wi_se. And yif a_niy other a_niye cumen he_r yean we_ willen and ha_ten that alle u_re tre_we hem ha_lden deadlice i`fa_n. And for that we_ willen that this be_ stede`fast and leastende, we_ senden yow this writ open, y`seyned with u_re seel, to_ ha_lden ama_ng yow in hord. Witnesse us selfe at Lundene, the ehte`te_nthe day on the mo_nethe of Octobre, in the twa_ and fower`tigethe yeare of u_re cru_ninge. And this was y`do_n at`foren u_re y`sworen`e reades`men: Boneface arce`biscop on Canter`biriy. Walter of Cantelow, Biscop on Wire`cestere. Simon of Muntfort, Erl on Leyr`cestere. Richard of Clare, Erl on Glow`cestere and on Hurtford. Roger Bi_`god, Erl on North`folke and Mareschal on Engle`lande. Perres of Saveye. Willelm of Fort, Erl on Aubemarle. Iohan of Plesseiz, Erl on Ware`wik. Iohan, Geffrees sune. Perres of Muntfort. Richard of Gre_y`. Roger of Mortemer. Iames of Aldithele, and at`foren o_there i`no_h. And al on the ilke wordes is y`send into_ eafrice o_there sci_re ofer al the kine`ri_ce on Engle`lande and e_k in`til I_re`lande.