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the Peterborough Chronicle second continuation 1132-5

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D`is gear com Henri king to t`is land. T`a com Henri abbot 7 uureide t`e muneces of Burch to t`e king fort`i d`aet he uuolde undert`eden d`aet mynstre to Clunie. sua d`aet te king was welneh bepaht. 7 sende efter t`e muneces. 7 t`urh Godes milce 7 t`urh t`e biscop of Seresberi 7 te biscop of Lincol 7 te ot`re ricemen t`e t`er waeron t`a wiste t`e king d`aet he feorde mid suicdom. T`a he nanmor ne mihte. t`a uuolde he d`aet his nefe sculde ben abbod in Burch. oc Crist it ne uuolde. Was it noht suithe lang t`er efter t`atte king sende efter him. 7 dide him gyuen up d`aet abbodrice of Burch 7 faren ut of lande. 7 te king iaf d`aet abbodrice an prior of Sancti Neod Martin was gehaten. He com on Sancti PETRES messedei mid micel wurscipe into the minstre.


On t`is gaere for se king Henri ouer sae aet te Lammasse. 7 d`aet ot`er dei t`a he lai an slep in scip. t`a t`estrede t`e daei ouer al landes, 7 uuard t`e sunne suilc als it uuare threniht ald mone. an sterres abuten him at middaei. Wurt`en men suid`e ofuundred ae ofdred, 7 saeden d`aet micel t`ing sculde cumen herefter. sua dide. for t`at ilc gaer warth t`e king ded. d`aet ot`er daei efter Sancti Andreas massedaei on Normandi. T`a westre sona t`as landes. for aeuricman sone raeuede ot`er t`e mihte. T`a namen his sune 7 his frend 7 brohten his lic to Englelande 7 bebiriend in Redinge. God man he wes 7 micel aeie wes of him. Durste nan man misdon wid` od`er on his time. Pais he makede men 7 daer. Wua sua bare his byrthen gold 7 sylure. durste nan man sei to him naht bute god. Enmang t`is was his nefe cumen to Englelande Stephne de Blais. 7 com to Lundene. 7 te Lundenisce folc him underfeng. 7 senden aefter t`e aercebiscop Willelm Curbuil, 7 halechede him to kinge on midewintredaei. On t`is kinges time wes al unfrid` 7 yfel 7 raeflac. for agenes him risen sona t`a ricemen t`e waeron swikes. Alrefyrst Balduin de Reduers 7 held Execestre agenes him. 7 te king it besaet. 7 sid`d`an Balduin acordede. T`a tocan t`a od`re 7 helden her castles agenes him. 7 Dauid king of Scotland toc to uuerrien him. T`a t`ohuuethere t`at here sandes feorden betwyx heom. 7 hi togaedere comen 7 wurd`e saehte. t`ot` it litel forstode.