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the Peterborough Chronicle second continuation 1132-5

in a normalised Early Middle English (East Midland dialect c 1200)

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This year com Henri_ king to_ this land. Tha_ com Henri_ abbot and wre_yde the munekes of Burh to_ the king forthi_ that he_ wolde under`the_den that minster to_ Clunie, swa_ that the king was wel ne_h be`paht, and sende after the munekes. And thurh Godes miltse and thurh the biscop of Seresbiriy and the biscop of Lincol and the o_there ri_ce men the thear wearen, tha_ wiste the king that he_ fe_rde mid swikdo_m. Tha_ he_ na_n`ma_re ne mihte, tha_ wolde he_ that his nefe sculde be_n abbot in Burh, ak Cri_st it ne wolde. Was it noht swi_the la_ng thear`after that the king sende after him, and dide him yefen up that abbot`ri_ce of Burh and faren u_t of lande. And the king yaf that abbot`ri_ce to_ a_n prior of Sancte Neod - Martin was y`ha_ten. He_ com on Sancte Petres masse`day mid micel wurthscipe into_ the minstere.


On this yeare fo_r the king Henri_ ofer sea at the Lammasse. And that o_ther day tha_ he_ lay and sle_p in scip, tha_ the_sterede the day ofer alle landes, and warth the sunne swilc als it weare thre_`niht a_ld mo_ne and sterres abu_ten him at mid`day. Wurthen men swi_the of`wundered e_k of`dread, and sayden that micel thing sculde cumen he_r`after. Swa_ dide, for that ilke year warth the king dead, that o_ther day after Sancte Andreas masse`day on Normandi_. Tha_ we_stere so_ne wurthen tha_ landes, for eafric man so_ne reafede o_ther the mihte. Tha_ na_men his sune and his fre_nd and brohten his li_c to_ Engle`lande, be`biriend in Redinge. Go_d man he_ was and micel eye was of him. Durste na_n man mis`do_n with o_ther on his ti_me. Pais he_ makede mid men and de_r. Hwa_ swa_ bar his birthen of gold and silfere, durste na_n man sayen to_ him na_ht bu_te go_d. Ama_ng this was his nefe cumen to_ Engle`lande Stephne de Blais. And com to_ Lundene, and the Lundenisce folk him under`fe_ng, and senden after the arce`biscop Willelm Curbuil, and halgede him to_ kinge on midde`wintere`day. On this kinges ti_me was al un`frith and ifel and reaf`la_k, for a`yeanes him risen so_ne tha_ ri_ce men the wearen swikes - alre first Balduin de Reduers, and he_ld Exe`cestere a`yeanes him. And the king it be`sat, and sithen Balduin acordede. Tha_ to_ken the o_there and he_lden here casteles a`yeanes him. And Dauid king of Skot`land to_k to werren him, tha_ thoh`hwethere that here sa_ndes fe_rden be`twix hem. And hi_ to_`gadere co_men and wurthe sahte, thoh it li_tel for`sto_d.