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Ormulum dedication

in a normalised Early Middle English (East Midland dialect c 1200)

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Nu_, bro_ther Walter, bro_ther mi_n
After the fleasces ki_nde;
and bro_ther mi_n in Cristendo_m
Thurh fulluht and thurh tre_wthe;
and bro_ther mi_n in Godes hu_s, 5
ye_t on the thridde wi_se,
Thurh that wit hafen taken ba_
A_n regel`bo_k to_ folgen,
Under canonikes ha_d and li_f,
Swa_ som Sanct Agustin sette; 10
Ic hafe do_n swa_ som thu_ bad,
and forthed the_ thi_n wille,
Ic hafe wend in`til Englisc
God`spelles halge la_re,
After that little wit that me_ 15
Mi_n Drihten hafeth leaned.
Thu_ thohtest that it mihte wel
Til micel frame turnen,
yif Englisc folk, for lufe of Cri_st,
It wolde yerne lernen, 20
and folgen it, and fillen it
With thoht, with word, with de_de.
and forthi_ yerndest thu_ that ic
This werk the_ scolde wircen;
and ic it hafe forthed the_, 25
Ak al thurh Cri_stes helpe;
and unk birth ba_the thanken Cri_st
That it is broht til ende.
Ic hafe samened on this bo_k
Tha_ God`spelles ne_h alle, 30
That sinden on the messe`bo_k
In al the year at messe.
and ay after the God`spel standeth
That that the God`spel meaneth,
That man birth spellen to_ the folk 35
Of theyre sa_wele ne_de;
and ye_'t thear taken ma_re i`no_h
Thu_ scalt thear`one fi_nden,
Of that that Cri_stes halge the_d
Birth tre_wen wel and folgen. 40
Ic hafe sett he_r on this bo_k
Ama_ng God`spelles wordes,
Al thurh me_ selfe, maniy word
The rime swa_ to_ fillen;
Ak thu_ scalt fi_nden that mi_n word, 45
Eay`hwear thear it is e_ked,
May helpen tha_ that readen it
To_ se_n and t'under`standen
Al thes the betere, hu_ theym birth
The God`spel under`standen; 50
and forthi_ tre_we ic that the_ birth
Wel tholen mi_ne wordes,
Eay`hwear thear thu_ scalt fi_nden hem
Ama_ng God`spelles wordes.
For hwa_ se mo_t to_ leawed folk 55
La_r`spel of God`spel tellen,
He_ mo_t wel e_ken maniy word
Ama_ng God`spelles wordes.
and ic ne mihte noht mi_n fers
Ay with God`spelles wordes 60
Wel fillen al, and al forthi_
Scolde ic wel ofte ne_de
Ama_ng God`spelles wordes do_n
Mi_n word, mi_n fers to_ fillen.
and the_ be`teace ic of this bo_k, 65
He_h wi_ke als it _se_meth,
Al to_ thurh`se_cen ealc a_n fers,
and to_ thurh`lo_ken ofte,
That upon al this bo_k ne be_
Na_n word yean Cri_stes la_re, 70
Na_n word that swi_the wel ne be_
To_ tre_wen and to_ folgen.
Wit sculen treden under`fo_t
and al thwert u_t for`werpen
The do_m of al that la_the flock, 75
That is thurh ni_th for`blended,
That tealeth that to_ lofen is,
Thurh ni_th`ful mo_diy`nesse.
They sculen leaten heatheliy
Of unker swink, le_f bro_ther; 80
and al they sculen taken it
On un`nit and on i_del;
Ak noht thurh skil, ak al thurh ni_th,
and al thurh theyre sinne.
and unk birth bidden God that he_ 85
For`yefe hem here sinne;
and unk birth ba_the lofen God
Of that it was be`gunnen,
and thanken God that it is broht
Til ende, thurh his helpe; 90
For it may helpen alle tha_
That bli_theli_ce it he_ren,
and lufen it, and folgen it
With thoht, with word, with de_de.
and hwa_ se willen scal this bo_k 95
Eft o_ther si_the wri_ten,
Him bidde ic that he_'t wri_te riht,
Swa_ som this bo_k him teaceth,
Al thwert u_t after that it is
Upon this firste bisene, 100
With al swilc rime als he_r is sett,
With al se fele wordes;
and that he_ lo_ke wel that he_
A_n bo_k`staf wri_te twiyes,
Eay`hwear thear it upon this bo_k 105
Is writen on that wi_se.
Lo_ke he_ wel that he_'t wri_te swa_,
For he_ ne may noht elles
On Englisc wri_ten riht the word,
That wite he_ wel to_ so_the. 110
and yif man wile witen hwi_
Ic hafe do_n this de_de,
Hwi_ ic til Englisc hafe wend
God`spelles halge la_re;
Ic hafe it do_n forthi_ that al 115
Cristen`e folkes berhles
Is la_ng upon that a_n, that they
God`spelles halge la_re
With fulle mahte folge riht
Thurh thoht, thurh word, thurh de_de. 120
For al that eafere on erthe is ne_d
Cristen`e folk to_ folgen
In tre_wthe, in de_de, al teaceth hem
God`spelles halge la_re.
and forthi_ hwa_ se lerneth it 125
and folgeth it with de_de,
He_ scal on ende wurthiy be_n
Thurh God to_ werthen borgen.
and thear`fore hafe ic turned it
In`til Englisce spe_ce, 130
For that I_ wolde bli_theli_ce
That al Englisce le_de
With eare scolde lisnen it,
With herte scolde it tre_wen,
With tunge scolde spellen it, 135
With de_de scolde it folgen,
To_ winnen under Cristen`do_m
At God so_th sa_wele berhles.
and yif they willen he_ren it,
and folgen it with de_de, 140
Ic hafe hem holpen under Cri_st
To_ winnen theyre berhles.
and I_ scal hafen for mi_n swink
Go_d lean at God on ende,
yif that I_, for the lufe of God 145
and for the me_de of hefene,
Hem hafe it intil Englisc wend
For theyre sa_wele ne_de.
and yif they al for`werpen it,
It turneth hem til sinne, 150
and I_ scal hafen adeled me_
The La_ferd Cri_stes a_re,
Thurh that ic hafe hem wroht this bo_k
To_ theyre sa_wele ne_de,
Thoh that they al for`werpen it 155
Thurh theyre mo_diy`nesse.
God`spel on Englisc nemned is
Go_d word, and go_d ti_thende,
Go_d earende, forthi_ that it was
Thurh halge God`spel`wrihtes 160
Al wroht and writen upon bo_k
Of Cri_stes firste co_me,
Of hu_ so_th God was wurthen man
For al man`kinne ne_de,
and of that man`kin thurh his death 165
Was le_sed u_t of helle,
and of that he_ wissli_ce ra_s
The thridde day of deathe,
and of that he_ wissli_ce sta_h
Tha_ sithen up til hefene, 170
and of that he_ scal cumen eft
To_ de_men alle the_de,
and for to_ ye_lden i`hwilc man
After his a_gen de_de.
Of al this go_d us bringeth word 175
and earende and go_d ti_thende
God`spel, and forthi_ may it wel
Go_d earende be_n i`ha_ten.
For man may upon God`spel`bo_k
Go_dnesses fi_nden sefene 180
That u_re La_ferd Iesu Cri_st
Us hafeth do_n on erthe,
Thurh that he_ com to_ manne, and thurh
That he_ warth man on erthe.
For a_n go_dnesse us hafeth do_n 185
The La_ferd Cri_st on erthe,
Thurh that he_ com to_ werthen man
For al man`kinne ne_de.
Other go_dnesse us hafeth do_n
The La_ferd Cri_st on erthe, 190
Thurh that he_ was in flum Jordan
Fulhtned for u_re ne_de;
For that he_ wolde us water`kin
Til u_re fulluht halgen,
Thurh that he_ wolde be_n him self 195
On erthe in water fulhtned.
The thridde go_d us hafeth do_n
The La_ferd Cri_st on erthe,
Thurh that he_ yaf his a_gen li_f
With al his fulle wille, 200
To_ tholen death o ro_de`tre_
Sakleas withu_ten wrihte,
To_ le_sen man`kin thurh his death
U_t of the de_feles wa_lde.
The fe_rthe go_d us hafeth do_n 205
The La_ferd Cri_st on erthe,
Thurh that his halge sa_wele sta_h
Fra_ ro_de du_n til helle,
To_ taken u_t of helle wa_
Tha_ go_de sa_weles alle, 210
That hafden cwe_med him in this li_f
Thurh so_th un`scathiy`nesse.
The fi_fte go_d us hafeth do_n
The La_ferd Cri_st on erthe,
Thurh that he_ ra_s for u_re go_d 215
The thridde day of deathe,
and le_t the posteles se_n him wel
In his mennisce ki_nde;
For that he_ wolde fastnen swa_
So_th tre_wthe in theyre bre_stes 220
Of that he_, wiss to_ fulle so_th,
Was risen up of deathe,
and in that ilke fleasc that was
For us on ro_de nayled;
For that he_ wolde fastnen wel 225
This tre_wthe in theyre bre_stes,
He_ le_t the posteles se_n him wel
Wel ofte si_the on erthe,
Withinnen dayes fower`tiy
Fra_ that he_ ra_s of deathe, 230
The sex`te go_d us hafeth do_n
The La_ferd Cri_st on erthe,
Thurh that he_ sta_h for u_re go_d
Up intil hefenes blisse,
and sende sithen Ha_liy Ga_st 235
Til hise Lerning`cnihtes,
To_ fro_fren and to_ be_lden hem
To_ standen yean the de_fel,
To_ yefen hem go_d with i`no_h
Of al his halge la_re, 240
To_ yefen hem go_d lust, go_d maht,
To_ tholen alle wa_wen,
Al for the lufe of God, and noht
For erthlic lof to_ winnen.
The sefenthe go_d us scal ye_ do_n 245
The La_ferd Cri_st on ende,
Thurh that he_ scal on Do_mes day
Us yefen hefenes blisse,
yif that we_ sculen wurthiy be_n
To_ fi_nden Godes a_re. 250
Thus hafeth u_re La_ferd Crist
Us do_n go_dnesses sefene,
Thurh that that he_ to_ ma_nne com,
To_ werthen man on erthe.
and on that halge bo_k that is 255
Apocalypsis nemned
Us wra_t the postel Sanct Iohan,
Thurh Ha_liy Ga_stes la_re,
That he_ sah up in hefene a_n bo_k
Be`sett with sefene inseyeles, 260
and sperred swa_ swi_the wel that it
Ne mihte na_n wiht openen,
Withu_ten Godes halge Lamb
That he_ sah e_k in hefene.
and thurh tha_ sefene inseyeles was 265
Riht swi_the wel be`ta_kened
That sefen`fa_ld go_d`la_k that Cri_st
Us dide thurh his co_me;
and that na_n wiht ne mihte noht
Openen tha_ sefene inseyeles, 270
Withu_ten Godes Lamb, that com,
For that it scolde ta_kenen
That na_n wiht, na_n engel, na_n man,
Ne na_nes kinnes scafte,
Ne mihte thurh him selfe tha_ 275
Sefene go_dnesses sceawen
On man`kin, swa_ that it man`kin
Of helle mihte le_sen,
Ne yefen man`kin lust, ne maht,
To_ winnen hefenes blisse. 280
and al al swa_ se Godes Lamb,
All thurh his a_gen mahte,
Lihtli_ce mihte and wel i`no_h
Tha_ sefene inseyeles openen,
Al swa_ the La_ferd Iesu Cri_st, 285
Al thurh his a_gen mahte,
With Fader and with Ha_liy Ga_st
A_n God and al a_n ki_nde,
Al swa_ riht he_ lihtli_ce i`no_h
and wel with alle mihte 290
On man`kin thurh him selfe tha_
Sefene go_dnesses sceawen,
Swa_ that he_ man`kin wel i`no_h
Of helle mihte le_sen,
and yefen man`kin lufe and lust, 295
and maht and wit and wille,
To_ standen in to_ cwe_men God,
To_ winnen hefenes blisse.
and for that ha_liy God`spel`bo_k
Al this go_dnesse us sceaweth, 300
This sefen`fa_ld god`la_k that Crist
Us dide thurh his a_re,
Forthi_ birth al Cristen`e folk
God`spelles la_re folgen.
and thear`fore hafe ic turned it 305
Intil Englisce spe_che,
For that I_ wolde bli_theli_ce
That al Englisce le_de
With eare scolde lisnen it,
With herte scolde it tre_wen, 310
With tunge scolde spellen it,
With de_de scolde it folgen,
To_ winnen under Cristendo_m
At Cri_st so_th sa_wele berhles.
and God Al`mahtiy yefe us maht 315
and lust and wit and wille,
To_ folgen this Englisce bo_k
That al is ha_liy la_re,
Swa_ that we_ mo_ten wurthiy be_n
To_ bru_ken hefenes blisse. 320
Amen. Amen. Amen;
Ic that this englisc hafe sett.
Englisce men to la_re;
Ic was thear thear i_ cristened was.
Ormin bi_ name nemned.
and ic ormin full inwardli_ce. 325
With mu_th. and e_k with herte.
He_r bidde tha_ cristen`e men.
That he_ren other readen.
This bo_k; hem bidde ic he_r that they.
For me_ this bede bidden. 330
That bro_ther that this englisc writ.
Alr' earest wra_t. and wrohte;
That bro_ther for his swink to_ lean;
So_th blisse mo_te fi_nden. Amen.
Tha_ God`spelles alle that ic 335
He_r on this bo_k may fi_nden,
Hem alle wille ic nemnen he_r
Bi_ theyre firste wordes.
and tale wille ic setten to_,
To_ do_n yow t'under`standen, 340
Hu_ fele sinden on this bo_k
God`spelles under alle.