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Ormulum admonition to eye-witnesses and victims of prosecution

in a normalised Early Middle English (East Midland dialect c 1200)

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Cri_st yaf his a_gen le_fe li_f,
To_ tholen death on ro_de,
For hise posteles, and for the_,
and for al folkes ne_de,
For swa_ to_ le_sen al man`kin,
U_t of the de_feles wa_lde.
and the_ birth folgen Cri_stes slo_th,
and the_ birth willen swelten
For Cri_stes thewes, yif man hem
Al sakleas wile cwellen,
For swa_ to_ cwencen cri_sten`do_m.
and Cri_stes lages dilgen.
Yif that man wile cri_sten`do_m
and Cri_stes name dilgen,
Tha_ birth the_ standen thear on`yean
and weren Cri_stes thewes
and Cri_stes name and cri_sten`do_m,
Hwi_l' that thi_n li_f the_ lasteth.
and for the so_the lufe of Cri_st.
and e_k of Cri_stes thewes;
The_ birth yif that the_ falleth swa_;
Ful bli_theli_ce swelten.
and tha_ thu_ folgest openli_ce;
The la_ferd Cri_stes bisene.
That for man`kines lufe swalt;
Ful bli_theli_ce on ro_de.
and e_k the la_ferd Cri_st at`fleah;
For the_ to_ yefen bisene.
That thu_ miht fle_n. and bergen swa_.
Thi_n li_f with Godes leafe;
and scunen tha_ that willen the_.
Withu_ten gilte cwellen;
Yif thu_ ne miht noht habben ye_t.
Go_d lust, go_d miht, go_d wille.
To_ tholen martirdo_m for Cri_st;
and for the rihte leafe.