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The Ormulum Homily vii/viii v 3264-3426

in a normalised Early Middle English (East Midland dialect c 1200)

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Nu_ wille ic he_r sceawen yow
Of u_re lafdiy Marye. 3265
Of hu_ hyo bar the la_ferd Cri_st
At hire rihte ti_me.
Swa_ that hyo thoh thear`after was
Ay mayden thwert u_t cleane.

vii. Secundum lucam. Exit edictum.

A_n romanisce keyserking
Was Augustus y`ha_ten.
And he_ was wurthen keyserking
Of al man`kin on erthe.
And he_ gan thenken of him self
And of his micele ri_ce. 3275
And he_ be`gan to thenken tha_
Swa_ som the bo_k us ki_theth.
Of that he_ wolde witen wel
Hu_ micel feh him co_me. col.84
Yif him of al his kinedo_m
Ealc man a_n pening yeafe.
And he_ bad setten up on writ
Al man`kin for to_ lo_ken
Hu_ micel feh he_ mihte swa_
Of al the wereld samenen 3285
Thurh that him scolde of ealc a_n man
A_n pening werthe rekened.

And tha_ was sett that i`hwilc man
Hwear swa_ he_ weare on lande.
Ha_m scolde wenden to that tu_n
That he_ was boren inne.
And that he_ scolde thear for him
His heafed`pening rekenen.
Swa_ that he_ yean the keyserking
Ne fe_lle noht in wi_te. 3295

And in that ilke ti_me was
Ioseap with sancte Marye
In Galilew, and in that tu_n
That Nasareth was nemned.
And tha_ they ba_the fo_ren ha_m
Til here ba_the ki_nde.
In`til the land of Yersalem
They fo_ren samen ba_the.
And co_men in`til Bethleeam
Til here ba_the birde. 3305
Thear was hem ba_the birde to_
For that they ba_the wearen
Of Dauith kinges kines men
Swa_ som the god`spell ki_theth.
And Dauith kinges birde was
In Bethleeames cestere.
And hem was ba_the birde thear
Thurh Dauith kinges birde.
For that they wearen of his kin
And him ful ne_h be`tahte. 3315

And sancte Maryes ti_me was
That hyo tha_ scolde ci_lden.
And thear hyo bar al`mihtiy God
That al this wereld wrohte.
And wa_nd him so_ne in wi_nde`clu_t
And leyde him in a cribbe.
Forthi_ that hyo ne wiste hwear
hyo mihte him do_n in bu_re.

And thoh that God was boren thear
Swa_ dearneli_ce on erthe 3325
And wu_nden thear swa_ wreccelic
With clu_tes in a cribbe
Ne wolde he_ noht for`holen be_n.
Thoh`hwethere in here clu_tes.
Ak wolde sceawen hwat he_ was
Thurh hefenlice ta_ken.

For so_ne ana_n after that he_.
Was boren thear to_ manne
Thear on`fast in that ilke land.
Was segen micel ta_ken. col.85 3335

A_n engel com of hefenes eard
In a_ne weres he_we.
Til hirdes thear thear they that niht
Be`wo_ken here fa_ldes.
That engel co_m, and sto_d hem bi_
With hefenes liht and le_me.
And forth`riht som they seagen him
They wurthen swi_the of`dread.
And Godes engel hem be`gan
To_ fro_fren and to_ be_lden. 3345
And sayde hem thus on Godes half
With swi_the mi_lde spe_ce:
Ne be_ ye_ noht for`dread of me_
Ak be_ ye_ swi_the bli_the.
For ic am send of hefenes eard
To_ ki_then Godes wille,
To_ ki_then yow that all folk is
Nu_ cumen micel blisse.
For yow is boren nu_ to_ day
Healende of yowre sinnes. 3355
A_n wencel that is Iesu Cri_st
That wite ye_ to_ so_the.
And he_r on`fast he_ boren is
In Dauith kinges cestere.
That is y`ha_ten Bethleeam
In this iu_de_isce birde.

And he_r ic wille sceawen yow
Sum thing to_ wi_ter ta_ken.
Ye_ sculen fi_nden eanne ci_ld
In wi_nde`clu_tes wu_nden. 3365
And it is in a cribbe leyd
And thear ye_'t mugen fi_nden.

And so_ne ana_n se this was sayd
Thurh a_n of Godes engeles
A_n micel here of engel`the_d
Was cumen u_t of hefene.
And all that hirde`flock hem sah
And he_rde hwat they sungen.
They alle sungen eanne sa_ng
Drihten to_ lofe and wurthe. 3375
And thus they sungen alle i`mean
Swa_ som the god`spell ki_theth.
Si_ drihten up in hefenes eard
Wurth`mint and lof and wulder.
And upon erthe grith and frith
Thurh Godes mi_ld`hertnesse.
Til i`hwilc man that habben scal
Go_d herte and go_d wille.

And so_ne ana_n se this was thear
Thurh Godes engeles awned 3385
They wenden fra_ tha_ wake`men.
Al u_t of here sihthe.

Secundum Lucam. viii. Pastores loquebantur ad inuicem. Transeamus usque bethleem.

And they tha_ so_ne to_ken thus
To_ speken hem betwe_nen.
Ga_ we_ nu_ til that ilke tu_n
That Bethleeam is nemned.
And lo_ke we_ that ilke word
That is nu_ wroht on erthe.
That Drihten God us hafeth wroht
And awned thurh his a_re. 3395
And so_ne ana_n they ye_den forth
Til Bethleeames cestere. col. 86
And fu_nden sancte Marye thear
And Ioseap hire macce.
And e_k they fu_nden thear the ci_ld
Thear it was leyd in cribbe.
And tha_ they under`sto_den wel
That word that Godes engeles
Hem hafden awned of that ci_ld
That they thear hafden fu_nden. 3405

And tha_ they wenden hem on`yean
With rihte leafe on Cri_ste.
And to_ken inwardli_ce God
To_ lofen and to_ thanken
Al that they hafden he_rd of him
And segen thurh his a_re.
And so_ne ana_n they ki_thden forth
Ama_ng iu_de_isce the_de.
Al that they hafden he_rd of Cri_st
And segen wel with e_gen; 3415
And i`hwilc man that he_rde it oht
For`wundered was thear`of.

And u_re lafdiy Marye to_k
Al that hyo sah and he_rde,
And al hyo't he_ld in hire thoht
Swa_ som the god`spell ki_theth.
And leyde it al to_`samen ay
In swi_the thohtful herte.
Al that hyo sah and he_rde of Cri_st
Hwa_s mo_der hyo was worthen. 3425