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Early Middle English for today

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Updates and news


I have substantially rewritten the page on optional eME grammar. I've also changed the marker of long vowels in eME from a macron to an acute accent and the eME letter representing /j/ from <y`> (yogh) to <y%> (insular 'g') throughout the pages under eME language and OE to ME.


I have added two entries for Dec 2019 to Aþelwines diary (weblog), together with amendments to the attached wordhord to deal with the various rooms of a modern house or apartment.


I added a new entry to normalisation 5: issues, which deals with syncope and vowel shortening in the preterites of verbs with stems ending in a dental (<t> and <d>). This will probably be moved to simplification of verb paradigms when current work in that page is complete.


Today I released an updated preview of the first chapter of Audrey and the Attercop (Englisc buten tæres). Note - this is a substantially rewritten version of the previous draft.


I have finalised the list of 800 words on which Englisc buten tæres will be based. Preparations for the launch continue. See also significant revisions to normalisation 1: principles, normalisation 3: grammar, simplification of verb paradigms and simplification of noun paradigms i.a.


Updated links to The Ormulum Project and Nils-Lennart Johannesson's pages on East Midland dialect features and Phonology (formerly housed at the Orrmulum Project).