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Sep 2005

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

The following appeared originally in Old English in an email list that is no longer accessible.

Wo_denes`day, 27 September 2005

Twa_ wukes a`ga_n, bohte ic twe_yen cirkelwirdes, a_n for ealc of mi_ne i`twin-dohter the thri`te_ne year habben. On fower year, under`fo_n hi_ Certificate of Education exams. On twa_ mo_nethes, under`fo_n the itwinnes of mi_n fre_nd Athel`sta_n thise exams. Ic thohte that the cirkelwirdes here werk helpen mugen. Hi_ studien swa_ ne_dli_ce swa_ ic studiede at fi_f`te_ne yeare, the is - ne swi_the.

Sater`day, 30 September 2005

A_ld`wine wra_t: "...and for the ilke i`ra_de scal man twe_yen cirkelwirdes (in OE) wri_ten, ne twa_ (forthi_ 'circolwyrde' werlic in OE is, theah 'gewyrde' neuter is). Eala_, bith micel end`werk earende to_ wri_ten thanne swa_ fele i`fe_res his earende y`rihten! Bu_ten this, sculen we_ thurh`wunen this i`rerd lernen and, thu_ Athel`wine, it bith ful til thi_ne earendes to_ readen."

Mi_n andswere was: "Ic gre_te the_, A_ld`wine. Hu_ mihte ic that ofer`hebben? On`yean hafst thu_ swi_the nitlice read, A_ld`wine. Thu_ say`st so_th after rihte. Ic thanke the_. To_ alle i`fe_res - ic bidde that ye_ y`rihted earende nether fi_nden."

Sater`day, 3 December 2005

Yestren ye_de ic to_ interview for ne_we job at North`burh. Ic scold`e ernen mi_n train to_ fo_n.

Maniye frayninge wearen technical. Ic y`le_fe that ic sum`deal wel andswerede.

Ic hope that ic spo_we. Mi_n ernende contract endeth in January.