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May 2005

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

The following appeared originally in Old English in the forum (email list) engliscgereord.

Sunnen`day, 22 May 2005

Ic hatte Ado. Ic wune in Sydney, Australia. Hwat is thi_n name? Hwear wunest thu_? Ic hafde swi_the go_d day. Ic bru_ke read wi_n and be_r. Ic bru_ke e_k lunch mid mi_ne fre_nd. Mi_ne fre_nd hatten Alfred and Elwin. Hi_ wunen in Petersha_m. Hwat hafen ye_ y`do_n to_`day? Jim, ic thanke the_ for thi_ne email. Ic e_k bru_ke kiceles, ak ic ne may hi_ eten. Ic hafe swi_the he_h cholesterol level. Ic wade ealc daye. Thu_ e_k? Hwear wircest thu_?

Ic sah 'The Sta_n`es' on ferr`se_ne yestren`eafen. 'The Sta_n`es' wearen a_n of the wel cu_the rock'n'roll-`fremm`eres that man sceawede on the Ed Sullivan Show. Ah, the tale of 'The Sta_n`es' - sind feawe tales ma_ interesting.

Ic am fascinated be that land ofer thear, be`yonde the Tasman-sea - Ne_we Sea`land. Yif alle land hafden the varied landscape of Ne_we Sea`land, weare the wereld swi_the fayer. Of course, maniye land hafen ma_re men thanne Ne_we Sea`land. It hafeth only fower million. Hu_ maniy men in yowre lande? The men of Ne_we Sea`land pleyen rugby swi_the wel. New Sea`land was the stede for Peter Jackson's 'La_ferd of the Ringes'. Thu_ brukest the films of Peter Jackson? Ic e_k. Hwethere, hwi_lum to_ se_n a_n character the eareste ti_de in 'La_ferd of the Ringes', ic me_ fraynede: "`Hwa_ is that man? "

Hwear eardest thu_? In hwilce lande? Ic earde in Australia. Jim is e_k member of this list. He_ eardeth in Swe_`land ak Engle`land is his e_thel. Ic thenke that Swe_`land is micel land ak o_there men thenken that it is li_tel. I_s`land is li_tel land. Hwat thenkest thu_? Is thi_n land micel oththe li_tel? My aunt moved house a few months ago. Nu_ eardeth sce_ on Westerne Australia.

To_`morgen, ga_ ic to_ the cinema mid mi_ne sune. He_ wile 'Star Wars 3 - Revenge of the Sith' se_n. Ic scal confess thoh`hwethere, that ic e_k bru_ke the films of George Lucas. 'Star Wars' is wunderful tale. Hwa_ hafeth this film y`segen? Hwat thenken ye_ of this film?

Mo_nen`day, 30 May 2005

Nu_, wade ic ealce daye before I leave for work. Wadest thu_ ealce daye? Ic hafde fower fre_nd for lunch. Brukest thu_ lunch mid fre_nd? Ic lathede fower fre_nd to_ mi_ne hu_se, Sunnen`day. A_n fre_nd me_ sayde: "That tre_ is swi_the he_h`!" Ic hafe a_n he_h tre_ at mi_ne hu_se. It is 'Silky A_k' (Grevillea Robusta). Hafest thu_ he_h tre_ at thi_ne hu_se? Hwat hatte that tre_? Ic thanke yow for yowre replies. Mi_ne fre_nd thanken me_ tha_ ic hem lathe for lunch at mi_ne hu_se. Thanken yow yowre fre_nd tha_ hi_ cumen for lunch (oththe dinner) at yowre hu_se?

"Star Wars 3 - Revenge of the Sith" was swi_the go_d. It was swa_ go_d swa_ 'The Empire Strikes Back'- that o_ther film of George Lucas. Nu_ is it fi_f`te in the series. George Lucas makede the last thre_ films he_r on mi_n e_thele - Australia. Hwat thenken ye_? Was it go_d e_k for yow? So_thli_ce spak Joshua umbe the film - 'The La_ferd of the Ringes'. It was sunderlic. Hwat is a_n film that the_ thinketh sunderlic? 'Citizen Kane'? 'Das Boot'? 'The 7 Samurai'? Wilt thu_ speken sum`deal umbe this film?

Ic ye_de to_ rugby match be`twix the Waratahs and the Crusaders mid mi_ne kin. The Crusaders cumen fram Cri_st`circe. Cri_st`circe is li_tel burh`stede on the province Cantwar`biriy, on Ne_we Sea`lande. Cri_st`circe hafeth 300,000 men. The Waratahs cumen fram Sydney. Sydney is micel burh`stede, theah nis swa_ micel swa_ London, Paris, New York and fele o_there burh`stedes. Sydney hafeth 3,000,000 men. Melbourne, on Victoria, is e_k micel burh`stede. Swa_ micel folk thear` eardeth swa_ eardeth on Sydney. Cri_st`circe is the ha_m of the Crusaders. That match be`twix the Crusaders and the Waratahs was swi_the ro_r. The Waratahs wearen ful`ne_h swa_ go_d swa_ the Crusaders in the final twentiye minutes. Hwat hatte thi_n team? Hwear is the ha_m of this team? In hwilce burh`stede?