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Jun 2005

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

The following appeared originally in Old English in an email list that is no longer accessible.

Sunnen`day, 5 June 2005

Yestren ne was the sunne he_h on rodere. Is winter he_r on mi_n burge. Ak sat ic on the sunne`sci_me at mi_ne hu_se, drank coffee and readde the ti_dinges. Yow e_k li_keth on the sunne`sci_me sitten? Bru_ken ye_ coffee? Was the sunne he_h to_`day thear ye_ wunen?

We_ hafen twa_ wukes ful`fremed. We_ be_n nu_ on thridde wuke. Fi_f and fower`tiy wordes hafen we_ y`lerned. Yif we_ thurh`wunen thre_ oththe fower wordes ealce daye lernen, hafen we_ ma_re thanne ehte hundred wordes after a_ne yeare. Be_n twe_yen dayes ear the wukende. Be_n fower year ear that mi_ne dohteres the Certificate of Education exams do_n. Ic hafe thre_ dohteres. Twa_ dohteres sind i`twinn. Ehte hundred wordes on a_ne yeare is swi_the go_d, me_ thinketh. The_ thinketh e_k? Thu_ bru_kest to_`dayes wordes? Ic am gild`bro_ther of this i`mo_te. Dunn`sta_n e_k is this i`mo_tes gild`bro_ther. He_ is ne_we gild`bro_ther. Alle that readen this earende sind this i`mo_tes gild`brethre.

On mi_n earende yestren, wra_t ic that twa_ mi_ne dohteres i`twinnes sind. Hi_ ga_n to_ He_ge Sko_le. Hi_ sind on Yeare Ehte. Hafest thu_ cildre the to_ Sko_le ga_`n? Hafest thu_ i`twinnes?

Yestren`day bohte ic twa_ comic-bo_kes. Me_ li_ken comic-bo_kes, sunderli_ce 'The Fantastic Fower' and 'X-men', ak e_k 'Gre_ne Lantern'. Ealce wuke, bigge ic a_nne comicbo_k and hwi_lum - twa_ oththe thre_. Ear, bohte ic comic-bo_kes for mi_ne sune, ak nu_ bru_ke ic e_k tha_ crazy capers. Me_ li_ken e_k o_there bo_kes bu_ten pictures. The_ li_ken comic-bo_kes? Hwilce comic-bo_kes?

To_`day is Sater`day. On this eafene, ga_ ic to_ mi_nes fader hu_se. Ic leafe mi_ne cildre thear, thanne ga_ ic mid mi_n wi_fe to_ the hu_se of mi_n fre_nd the hatte Eogan. Ic hope that mi_n wi_f agrees to drive home, forthi_ will ic this eafene, fele glases wi_n drinken. Drinkest thu_ wi_n this eafene? Se_`st thu_ fre_nd this wukende?

To_`day is Sunnen`day. It is ende`ne_h`st day in u_re thridde wuke. On mi_n latest earende, neat ic the word 'ci_ld'. Man may e_k the word 'bearn' ne_ten. It meaneth 'ci_ld'. 'Bearn' lifeth on the Skotisce word 'bairn'. Ic ne_te 'Thuner`brid' for mi_n earendes. Hwilc email program ne_test thu_? To_`morgen wirce ic. Hwear wircest thu_? Mi_n werk is be Pharmaceutical firm the hatte 'La_cning'. Ic make web`stedes. Hwat makest (oththe de_st) thu_?

Sunnen`day, 12 June 2005

We_ hafen thre_ wuke ful`fremed. We_ sind nu_ on fe_rthe wuke of this iwose. Sefen and ehte`tiy wordes hafen we_ y`lerned. Yif we_ thurh`wunen on this weye, patiently and persistently, thre_ oththe fower wordes ealce daye lernen, hafen we_ ma_re thanne ehte hundred wordes after a_ne yeare. To_`day is Ti_wes`day. Yestren was Mo_nen`day. Ic foryat that on mi_n latest earende wri_ten. Swa_ sayde ic yestren, nu_ sind we_ on fe_rthe wuke of this iwose. The_ li_keth this iwose? Wilt thu_ the iwose thurh`wunen? Me_ swi_the li_keth alle earendes to_ 'Englisc`i`rerd'. Hwilc day of the wuke the_ li_keth betste?

In the i`mo_te 'Englisc', member the hatte Wulf`yefe ful`fremede the spell 'The Bri_d and the Atheling'. It is wunderful tale. Other member the hatte Appel`yard wra_t this earende: "`Micele we_ thanken ye_. Ak hwear may man al this la_ng`e spelle at`gadere in a_ne web`tramete readen?" The tale thurh`wunede for fowere year. Ic hafe a_n year of this spelle. The andyet of the worde 'tramet' was me_ un`cu_th oth that ic looked it up this eafene. Sind fele trametes in 'Bosworth and Toller'. Canst thu_ the andyet of the worde 'spel' fram u_re worde 'gospel' (God-spel)?

To_`day is Thuneres`day. Yestren was Wo_denes`day. Ic hafe thre_ ne_we wordes to_`day. Ic te_re. Ic bidde yowre for`yefnesse. Ic wille to_ bedde ga_n. That link was swi_the go_d, A_ld`wine. Ic thanke the_. Ic wri_te tha_s word on Fri_y`daye. Twe_yen dayes ear, was ic swi_the te_red tha_ ic mi_n earende to_ this i`mo_te wra_t. It was endlefen stu_ndes, be nihte. Nu_, is it twelf stu_ndes, be daye. This earende is lat. I`wuneli_ce, sende ic it umbe nigen stu_ndes eafene. Ic wra_t na_n ma_re thanne thre_ ne_we wordes on mi_ne latest earende. To_`day, bringe ic fower wordes the sind ne_we . To_`day, ga_ ic mid mi_ne kine - mi_n wi_fe, mi_n sune and mi_n dohter, to_ rugby match at the O_s`mu_nd-stadium, be`twix Australia and Samoa. Ic hope that this match swi_the ro_r be_. A_n dohter - the yingeste - geath to_ the rugby. The twa_ eld`este wunen be fre_nde. Reyneth. We_ ne ye_den to_ the rugby. Swilc scame, for we_ wearen be mi_n wine Ro_th`berht and he_ wuneth ne_h the stadium. Man may waden thider on fi_f and twentiy minutes. I`se_liye, Australia wan this match. Wan thi_n team to_`day? On hwilc sport? Reyneth in thi_n burh`stede nu_? Yestren, neat ic twa_ wordes fram modern Englisc. To_`day wri_te ic tha_s wordes on Englisc. I`se_liye, the Wallabies - the team fram mi_n e_thele, wan Sater`daye. Hwethere, is it swilc scame that the margin of victory swa_ micel was. We_ sculen lathen the Pacific-E_y`landes on the tournament 'Super 14' oththe 'Tri-Nations'.

Sunnen`day, 19 June 2005

Me_ thinketh that A_ld`wines i`thoht umbe the ti_d swi_the go_d is. Hwethere, ne hafe ic i`no_h ti_d he_r, umbe al this thing wri_ten. Ic wille ma_ umbe A_ld`wines i`thohte wri_ten, to_`morgen. To_`day latheden we_ sex fre_nd mid here bearnes to_ u_re hu_se, for barbeque. Alle sayden that hi_ mi_n 'cooking' bruken, ak me_ thinketh that hi_ ne speaken so_thli_ce. They're just being polite. Hu_ may man the ti_d on Englisc tellen? Hwi_lum, the andswere ne me_ thinketh sutel. We hafen andyetes on Modern Englisc that the Engle and Saxe nafden. Swilc andyet is 'minute'. Ne_ten we_ ne_we i`scap swa_ A_ld`wines 'stu_nd`deal' oththe modern word 'minute' declined as a weak feminine, oththe 'minute' mid modern plural and genitive singular ending 's'? Me_ li_keth 'the o_ther stu_nd', 'thre_ day`meal`e' and 'fe_rthe day`meal`es'. Man ne_teth tha_s mid 'It is...' ? Hwat thenken ye_ umbe this thing?

Weseth ha_l le_fe gild`sibbes! On this barhteme, lisne ic sa_nge the me_ swi_the li_keth. It hatte "Be`yonde the sea" and Bobby Darin singth it. It hafeth sunderlic swe_y. Ic bru_ke lisnen sa_nges of the year Fi_f`tiy, in rock'n'roll style, ak e_k jazz and swing of the year fower`tiy. Hwilce sa_nges yow li_ken? Hwa_s sa_nges lisnest thu_ this barhteme?

Yestren wra_t ic umbe the so_n`craft. Ic wra_t that the sa_ng - "Be`yonde the sea", y`sungen be Bobby Darin, me_ li_keth swi_the. Ic askede: "`Hwilc sa_nge lisnest thu_ this barhteme?" Ic thanke A_ld`wine for the andswere in his earende, the me_ swi_the lockede. Othere i`thoht`es? Hwat yow li_keth swa_ so_n`craft? This earende is lat, on`yean. I`wuneli_ce, sende ic mi_ne earendes umbe nigen stu_ndes eafenes. To_`day sende ic this earende on the folgende daye at halfe after twelf`te mid`daye. Ic thanke the_ Padraig. Me_ li_keth that thu_ fi_ndest u_re iwose spanende. Yestren ne wo_d ic. E_k to_`day. Hwear is mi_n day`hwamlice exercise? Ne_wen, at ic e_k chocolate-`kicel. Hwat limpeth to_ mi_ne heale? Nu_, scal ic on yarde wircen. Hwat maken ye_ to_`day?

Yestren, sah ic 'Batman on`ginneth' at the cinema ne_h u_s. Mi_n sune and ic wo_den thider. Me_ thinketh that this film swi_the go_d was. 'Sunderlic' is to_ stra_ng. Yea, scal ic oht 'more highbrow' swa_ 'Go_d Wi_f' se_n... hmm Tom Wilkinson is e_k in that film. To_`day wrohte ic in u_re wirt`yarde. Ic scolde tre_ of`do_n. We_ ne hafen wirtes the man eten may. Hwethere, me_ li_keth the i`thoht. Habben ye_ wirt`yard? Yea? Hwilce wirt`es? Hwilc film scal ic se_`n?

Sunnen`day, 26 June 2005

Eathe may, is fower wordes to_ fele ealc daye. Forthi_ yefe ic ne ma_re thanne thre_ wordes to_`day and forth.

Engle`land wan cricket-match with Australia on the wukende. That is swi_the go_d for cricket umbe the wereld`e. La_nge ti_de, wan Australia alle matches. Wan thin team wukende?

Ear fele year, was ic gle_`man in flocke the hatte Coleen and the Porters. Ic leykede guitar, ak nas swi_the go_d. Nu_ liyth mi_n guitar under mi_ne bedde. Un`se_liye, neafere leyke ic it. Leykest thu_ guitar oththe piano oththe o_there instrument?

To_`day is the scorteste day of the yeare, he_r on erthes su_th`halfe. I`wiss, this is the lengeste day of the yeare on north`halfe. Yestren, wra_t ic that mi_n guitar liyth under mi_n bedde. E_k suitcases liyen under mi_ne bedde. Ic liye on the bedde... i`wuneli_ce. Hwethere, a_ne nihte lay ic on flo_re. Ak that is o_ther tale. Micel sna_w is on the berges ne_h Canberra, bufen sex hundred metres. That is swi_the i`se_liy for u_s, forthi_ we_ on midde`wintere for a_ne wuke skileapen ga_n.

To_`day, pleyede mi_n sune Offa, rugby at sefen stu_ndes eafene, under lihtes. His team wan. Thus break he_ that match, theah reynede. We_ nabben na_n sunne`sci_me he_r on u_re burge. Is swi_the ca_ld. Un`se_liye, am ic se_k mid flu, swa_ mi_n dohter. Swilc is li_f on winteres ti_de. Reyneth in thi_ne burh`stede nu_?

To_`day, he_ng ic ne_we blinds ofer the e_g`thirele in u_re bed`bu_r. Ic scolde screwdri_f`ere and drill ne_ten. So_thli_ce, dide ic wel. That nis i`wun`elic tha_ ic drill ne_te. Ic ful`fremede thre_ e_g`thireles. This eafene eaten we_ Thai. Hwat eaten ye_ this eafene? I`se_liye, ne sind u_re e_g`thireles swi_the he_h. Thu_s ne be`ho_fede ic leader tha_ ic the blinds he_ng. Is e_k swi_the i`se_liy that ic mi_n finger mid hamer`e, ne slo_h. That is i`wun`elic for me_. Is that i`wun`elic for the_ - finger mid hamer`e slean?