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July 2005

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

The following appeared originally in Old English in the forum (email list) engliscgereord.

Sunnen`day, 3 July 2005

To_`day hafden mi_n sune, mi_n wi_f and ic, interview mid the principal of sko_le ne_h u_re hu_se. We_ sculen ce_sen the sko_l thider Offa geath the folgende yeare. Ic fi_nde this thing swi_the arfethlic.

For feawe dayes ne wo_d ic morgenes forthi_ ic se_k mid flu was. Hwethere, to_`day on`dide ic the tracksuit-`bre_c and swe_r`cla_th on`yean and wo_d rathe be the water at Ha_m`busc-hi_th. Was swi_the ca_ld morgen. Tha_ wade ic morgenes, tha_ is the day ye_t the_ster. The sunne nafeth ye_t y`risen. Ic sah a_nle_piy man on mi_n pathe, i`se_liye, forthi_ mi_n tracksuit-`bre_c na_n fashion statement sind. Hwethere, me_ li_keth the swe_r`cla_th.

To_`day is this mo_nethes after`este day. The Engle and Saxe nemneden this mo_neth - 'Ear`re Li_th`e'. Hi_ nemneden the folgende mo_neth - 'After`re Li_th`e'. Reyneth 'cattes and hu_ndes' he_r on Sydney. And be yow?

To_`day is the eareste day of this mo_nethe, the is July oththe After`re Li_the. Le_ther of fihtende cattes withu_ten me_ weccede this morgen. And the sunne sci_neth eareste ti_de on fele dayes. To_`day, sah ic thre_ rugby matches. That is to_ maniy. Mid mi_ne sune, fo_r ic to_ gamene be`twix East`wude and Rand`wi_k. Tha_ sind clubs in the Sydney-Premiership. Thear wearen feawe hundred men, eathe may thu_send, the seagen that match. Hwethere, it u_s li_kede swi_the. The teames e_wden micel craft.

Yestren, cerrden mi_n sune and ic fram rugby match be`twix twa_ clubteames - East`wude and Rand`wi_k. Sithen, sah ic gamen be`twix the Britisce and I_risce Le_ones and Ne_w`e Sea`lande, be ferr`se_n`e. E_k be ferr`se_n`e, seagen al mi_n kin the match be`twix France and Australia. We_ seaten be`foren fi_re the ic makede.

Sunnen`day, 10 July 2005

Yestren bohte ic milk and la_fes at micel ceap`sto_we ne_h u_re hu_se. Ic bohte e_k giardiniera the is wirtes on vinegar, and pancietta. That me_ li_keth swi_the. Hwat bohten ye_ to_`day?

Mi_n bro_ther and his kin wuneth be u_s this eafene. He_ hafeth i`twinnes, swa_ ic. Mi_n a_ld`mo_der was i`twinn hwa_s bro_ther a`drank on Burdekin-ea in Cwe_nes`land, tha_ he na_n ma_re thanne nigen`te_n`e year hafde. Mi_n a_ld`mo_der suster e_k hafde i`twinnes. Mi_n brother i`twinnes hafen sefen year.

Jim Sinclair, member of the Englisc-i`mo_t, yaf swi_the wurthlic read, tha_ he_ wra_t that man scal on Englisc sayen: "the sko_l thider Offe geath" oththe "the sko_l thear Offa lerneth". Mi_n word "the sko_l thear Offe geath" ne sind riht Englisc. Ic thanke Jim for this reade. It was swi_the nitlic. Man scal onyeten that with verbs of motion, direction must be indicated in OE. Thenketh on Scake`spere the wra_t: "Hwider geast thu_?" ne "`Hwear geast thu_?"

Ic he_rde the ey`elic ti_dinges fram London, this morgen. London is the burh`stede thear ic y`boren was. Ic com to_ Australia tha_ ic thre_ year hafde. Mi_n fader was to_th`leace, and swa_ fele Su_th`landisce to_th`leaces on his ti_de, ye_de to_ Engle`lande. Jim wra_t that the Swe_`landisce word for 'to_th`leac`e' is 'tandläkare' - the e_k hafeth that andyet 'tooth-doctor'. That me brirdeth? Yea! That me_ swi_the brirdeth.

Ne reyneth, swa_ fore`sayde the weder`man on ferr`se_`ne. After werke, fo_r ic to Parramatta, the ne_weste comicbo_k of the series 'Astounding X-Men' to_ biggen. Thider fare ic ealce wuke, Thuneres`daye oththe Fri_y`daye. Mi_ne dohter ye_den to_ dance party for yunge (under ehte`te_n`e). Hit li_kede hem, ak hi_ sayden that the yunge weres be`ho_fen deodorant and peppermints.

This eafene, wo_d ic mid mi_n wi_fe, sune and yingeste dohter to_ the Olympic Stadium at Ha_m`busc-hi_th. Thear seagen we_ the forme rugby match be`twix Australia and Su_th-Africa this yeare. Be_n thre_ gamen ma_ be`twix thise twa_ teames. The o_ther gamen bith in Iohannes`burh and the thridde in Pretoria, heafed`stede of Su_th`-Africa. The fe_rthe gamen bith in Perth in Westerne Australia. The Wallabies, the team fram mi_ne e_thele, wan 30 to_ 12.

To_`day, a`fo_ren mi_ne dohter Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware mid here fre_nd`e Mi_ld`burh. Hi_ faren to_ the berges ne_h Canberra be wayne. Mi_ld`burges mo_der dri_feth hem, forthi_ the maydenes ne mugen. Hi_ hafen na_n ma_re than fi_f`te_ne year. This eafene wunen hi_ at Jindabyne and to_`morgen skifaren at Thredbo. Ne_wen, fe_ll micel sna_w on the berges. Hi_ sind i`se_liy.

Sunnen`day, 24 July 2005

Jim me_ askede (11/07/05): "Ado, hafst thu_ i`writ of the wordes the thu_ he_r`to_ y`noten hafest? Ic wille wordes ne_ten that thu_ yu_ nute. Mid swilc i`writ, mugen we_ alle thise wordes ne_ten".

Nu_, andswere ic (03/12/05): "Yea, ic hafe list of the wordes the ic y`noten hafe, oth day 67. At boteme of ealc earende, wri_te ic - Words from previous days have been collected at: engliscgereord. That list is thear. Yestren hafe ic alle word oth day 67 ful`fremmed. Ic bidde, try it! So_thli_ce sind twa_ files - engliscgereord.xml and engliscgereord.xsl. Hwethere, be`ho_feth man na_n bu_te the forme to_ clicken. Ic hafe yu_ on`gunnen. Nu_ wille ic alle wordes on i`write be XML sceppen".

Weseth ye_ ha_l, le_fe i`fe_r`es! Mi_n dohter Ro_th`ware u_s ferr`spak yestren`eafene umbe sefen`the stu_nde. Ro_th`ware, hire suster Mo_d`thri_th and hire fre_nd Mi_ld`burh, sind ha_l and i`su_nd to_ Jindabyne and sna_we an`cumen. Swa_ Mo_d`thri_th, Ro_th`ware and Mi_ld`burh ski`fe_res sind, swa_ we_ i`fe_res on si_the to_ the englisc`i`rerd sind.

At ende, after break of twa_ mo_nethes, the day`hwamlice earendes on`ginnen on`yean. Mi_ne dohter so_ken to_`day on ski tournament be`twix sko_les at Thredbo. Hi_ ne sind kempes. The se_leste skileap`estre ful`fremmede that race on fifte_ne seconds. Ak Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware be`ho_feden umbe thri`tiy seconds. Ic a`fo_r fram Sydney at te_nthe stu_nde morgen mid mi_n wi_fe Ead`yefe, mi_n sune Offa and mi_n yingeste dohter God`yefe. We_ me_t`ten Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware at Cooma umbe fower after no_n. Thanne wuneden we_ be nihte at East Jindabyne on inne the yarwede swi_th`e un`sunderlic ak de_re eafen`mete. We_ eaten morgen`mete on the "Bak`hu_s" on Jindabyne umbe te_n stu_ndes. We_ bohten capuccinos, ha_te chocolates, appel`wo_s, and kiceles. We_ a`biden the train fram Bullock's Flat to_ Perisher-dale for twentiy minutes, ak was na_n a_`bi_ding the sna_w`cat the we_ na_men fram the dale to_ Charlotte Pass. So_ne an`co_m it. I`wuneli_ce nimth the si_th be sna_w`catte, fower`tiy minutes. Charlotte Pass is the he_h`ste skistede on Australia. Be Europeisce standards is it na_ht` swi_the he_h. Hwi_lum is the sna_w swi_the thinne. Hwethere, sind we_ i`se_liy on this thra_ge, forthi_ the sna_w hundred and twentiy centimetres de_p is. This day is swa_ fayer swa_ man se_th on postcard. The roder is heawe, bu_ten wolcnes. Ic skifo_r fram nigen stu_ndes morgen oth fower and half, after no_ne. Charlotte Pass is li_tel skistede mid na_n ma_re thanne fower lifts, ak man may` fele swathes fi_nden. Skis sind i`li_c. Oft, is it arfethlic a_n twe_yen skis fram othere sceaden. Hwi_lum, yif man skis withu_ten in sna_we leafeth, is it un`a`cumend`lic tha_ skis eft fi_nden. Ic sceade arfethli_ce the i`twinn of mi_n bro_ther. Hi_ sind swi_the i`li_c.

Ic wolde ra_sen further to_`day. Thus skifo_r and le_p ic on mislice swath`es mid mi_n wi_fe, mi_ne dohter and mi_n sune. Is micel freme on berge to_ wunen, forthi_ man to_ his (oththe hire) inne at a_niy stu_nde cerren may. U_re in, the hatte "Arlberh", hafeth swi_the cwe_me atmosphere. This is u_re thridde si_th to_ Charlotte Pass. Ealce thra_ge, fi_nde ic wel`cu_th`e neb on sna_we (on skiswath`es) and on inne. Hwethere, me_te ic ne_we men, ealc yeare. On the after`este daye, alle men fram u_re inne hafden picnic on clu_de be`twix trewes, ne_h skiswathe. We_ eaten ciken and drunken sparkende wi_n.