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Jul 2004

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

Sunnen`day, 18 Jul 2004

Sunnen`day in the Park.

This day ye_den we_ on fo_te to_ Twi_`hinde-park mid J├╝rgen and Renate, here cildre Dieter and Liesel and here hu_nd Sna_w`iy. We_ na_men e_k twa_ bicycles and thre_ scooters. Makede swi_the ca_ld and micel wind. Forthi_ werede ic glo_fes, swi_r`cla_th and beanie. After that, ye_den we_ to_ a_n Indisce restaurant at Glad`thorp - Sikar Bazaar. We_ clu_mben the steayer and eaten in uplice bu_re, sittende on bolsteres.

Sunnen`day, 25 Jul 2004

Hu_ man a_n karaoke-`eafen ne stihte.

This eafen us trukede. Ead`yefe wolde singen ak ne mihte forthi_ that the PA system ne lu_d i`no_h was. Thoh`hwethere the spekeres for the karaoke-sarew wearen swi_the lu_d. We_ e_k ne mihten the fremendes in the the_stere of the stage se_n. Hwear wearen the lihtes?