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Jan 2020

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

Sater`day, 4 Jan 2020

He_r in Ne_we Su_th-Wales, nu_ for`bernth the su_th`erne sea`rime, fram Nowra to_ the marce of Victoria, firlen twa_ hundred and twentiy mi_les. Mi_n wi_f and ic chusen snoterli_ce u_re ha_liy`day-stede at Tuncurry on the north`erne sea`rime.

Thoh`hwethere, drifen u_re fre_ndes Raynald and Meregrot su_thward to_ Mallacoota, on the east`erne sea`rime of Victoria. Hi_ chusen un`snoterli_ce. A_n micel wa_ld-fi_r sna_th alle wayn-weyes to_ the li_tele tu_ne.

On the folgende daye, nealeacte the fi_r and the cester`wares flugen to_ the strande. Maniye hu_ses wearen for`do_n. After tweyen dayes, co_m a_n here-scip, that folk to_ a`redden.

Sater`day, 11 Jan 2020

U_re fre_ndes Raynald and Meregrot at`hwurfen i`su_nde fram the wa_ld-fi_r at Mallacoota. We_ me_tten hem at Gringos - a_n li_tel Mexikisc rerd-hu_s ne_h here ha_me. Hi_ ta_lden u_s that the si_th bi_ here-scipe fram Mallacoota to_ West`erne Hafen ne_h Mel`burn, lastede thri`tiy stu_ndes.

HMAS Choules cu_the micel rathre li_then, ak bead the here`toge the sla_we fare, sea-se_knesse mid the thu_send a`redde men to_ for`standen. Man may the ilke firlen - fi_f hundred and sefen`te_ne km, in sex and half stu_ndes dri_fen.

Swa_ maniye on borde, hadde Raynald and Meregrot here hu_nd mid hem. E_k brohten Meregrotes step-mo_der and step-bro_ther here hu_ndes. Alle fower of the kinne sle_pen on strecceres nether on the wayn-flo_r mid the hu_ndes.