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Jan 2005

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

Sater`day, 1 Jan 2005

This was a_n day of smilte a`werping of the hangover fram Ne_we`year`eafen. Thenden ic readde on mi_n lilo (a_n fle_tende lift`fillde bed), Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware burnen CDs.

Sunnen`day, 2 Jan 2005

Ic a`swathede the eME equivalents of ModE conditional verb forms and "if" statements. Lunch and a_n He_h Tea (Wendel`sea-style) wearen be Mo_der. At West`fe_ld Hornsby, ic fa_nd that theah man maye wrixelen a_n bo_k rathe (swa_ bisen - the ne_we Libby Hathorn the ic ear bohte for Mo_d`thri_th), hwi_lum man be`ho_feth fi_f and fower`tiy minutes to_ wrixelen a_n hemethe (he_r, the hemethe that mi_n mo_der ear bohte for mi_n i`bird`day). Apparently, the umb`hwirft-manager of a_n cla_thes`ceaping ne simble bereth a_n mobile phone.

Mo_nen`day, 3 Jan 2005

Ic sah "the Un`leaflices" mid Offa and God`yefe at Rhodes-ceap`sto_w. At fi_f stu_ndes ye_den we_ to_ a_n BBQ be Michelle and Nick. Thear we_ metten for the eareste bire in maniy yeares, Angela and Wayne and here dohter Elle and sune Jack, fram Auckland.

Ti_wes`day, 4 Jan 2005

Wending to_ werk

Me_ thuhte ellende, to_ werk to_ cerren. Ead`yefe fa_nd it bitter and swe_te u_re a_lde photos to_ be`se_n. The tsunami disaster in Su_th`east Asia ne_dde that maniy englisc`spekeres y`wuned werthen to_ the u_t`spe_c of 'ts'. The folk that blanched at Tsatsiki, nu_ campen.

Wo_denes`day, 5 Jan 2005

Ic warth y`ne_ded, mi_n approach to_ the design of the Merck Australia web`sto_w to a`wenden. Hwi_lum, the la_nge ha_te i_del`yerne dayes sceppen tensiones in the hu_s other po_l be us. Thoh`hwethere, ic sah mid surprise alle the wenceles pleyen to_`gadere swi_the wel mid the Barby Dolls' hu_s and the Bratz dolls, efene Offa.

Thuneres`day, 6 Jan 2005

We_ seagen "`Me_teth the Fokkers" mid James and Sonja and here cildre. We dealden twa_ pizzas and nachos at Navigator be`foren the film. The thrak of the tsunami hafeth nu_ claimed ma_re thanne a_n hundred and fi_f`tiy thu_send ferges. For so_th was this a_n micel un`se_lth. I`thohtes: Ic tile bisenen for o_theres, ne simble mid spe_d. Hwi_lum, be_n fader, is arfethlic.

Fri_y`day, 7 Jan 2005

Ic redesigned and recoded the footer in the login-cine of the MSDforGPs web`sto_w. Ead`yefe breadde hire wunderful pizzas. Ic lo_h fele be`se_ende "`Bog`e`finger" mid Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, on TV. I`thoht: It is swi_the win`sum to_ hafen go_de ki_th mid fre_nd and kin.

Sater`day, 8 Jan 2005

Simbel for the Fi_f`tigethe I`bird`day of Damien

Damien's wi_f (the ic til nu_ neafere mette) organised a_n simbel for his fi_f`tigethe y`bird`day at the Marrickville Bowling Club. Ic ne hafe y`segen Damien for ma_re than te_n yeares. Ead`yefe and ic bruken fele this eafen, treppende to_ the so_n`craft of Damien's band - Blind Lemon Chicken - and chaterende to_ Hugh and Gen. Ic spak e_k mid Clive Scake`spere and his wi_f Elisabeth. Damien bohte the ilke guitar the ic a_h - a_n Gibson ES 125. The greate kicel, y`scapen in the i`li_c`nes of a_n guitar, was thrimlic.

Sunnen`day, 9 Jan 2005

Ic waccede thre_ films on DVD in a_n a_nle_piy day. Swilc indulgence! I`thoht: Mo_t ic ne_ten 'waccen' in this context? Thenden ic break "`Fearinge Thri`tiy" and "Starsky and Hutch", Ead`yefe bohte a_n cla_th`es`ra_p and palmes, mid`si_thede bi_ Sonja. Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware a`fo_r mid a_n coss, to_ ofer`nihten be Lauren (Sonja's dohter`). After the film "King Arthur", Ead`yefe, Offa, God`yefe and ic ye_den to_ Concord and eaten gelatos.

Mo_nen`day, 10 Jan 2005

Jana cerrde fram hise si_the to_ Sri Lanka. Ic thohte of Noosa-Heafdes. Ah whisk (swe_ye/swa_pe) me_ thider swifte.

Ti_wes`day, 11 Jan 2005

Cri_stiy wunede be us thurh the niht, sle_pende in Mo_d`thri_th's bu_re. I`thoht: we_ hafen na_n wearloges other screawes in u_re wi_ke (office). Ic thence me_ i`se_liy. Na_n man wile me_ grame at`e_wen.

Wo_denes`day, 12 Jan 2005

Mi_n Fader I`bird`day

Mo_der yarwede Kwong-kines noodles and swi_n mid appel. U_re yifte of sparkende wi_n and chocolates listede to_ Fader. Mo_der us e_wede a_n box of photos fram mi_n te_n- and twentiy-yeares. To_ se_n the lo_th mid Graham Monteith and Harry and Bruce - the Prominent Sydney Businessmen, at a_n simbel in Sea`forth, the Cri_stes`masse`sceawing mid Michael and Ian and Pru and Jono and James, a`kennede le_fe i`mi_ndes. At werk, ic wra_t a_n function in JavaScript the wri_teth the date automatically.

Thuneres`day, 13 Jan 2005

Ic a`warede the o_there bite of mete yestren`eafen. At end`e! This ne was a_n go_d theaw. I`se_liye, the umbrella stand i`hefen ofer mi_n heafed, ic hafde na_n sa_rnesse in mi_n bak other hals sithen.

Fri_y`day, 14 Jan 2005

The greate a`wend`ung fram the a_lde to_ the ne_we web`sto_w for MSD Australia, be`lamp on this day bu_ten threa`ne_d.

Sater`day, 15 Jan 2005

U_re Ehte`te_n`the I`mi_nd`day

God`yefe wunede this niht be Alicia, thenden Mo_d`thri_th, Ro_th`ware and Offa wunede be Charlie, Harry and Oscar at McMasters-Strand. Ead`yefe and ic co_men to_ the Coro_n-Plaza-Hotel in Terrigal, u_re i`mi_nd`day to_ mearen. After lunch, the we_ eaten in a_n cafe to_`emnes the Florida-bar in the he_ge stre_t, seaten we_ on the strand ne_h the water in u_re fa_ldende sto_les. A_n cill (flaske) of sparkende wi_n y`drunken, we_ wo_den over the hille to_ the Blue-Hafen-Fisc-Cafe, the win`sum stede of u_re eafen`mete. Umbe nigen stu_ndes we bruken drinkes - Baileys for Ead`yefe and Drambuie for me_, in lounge-sto_les in the bar at the hotel.

Sunnen`day, 16 Jan 2005

This morgen break ic a_n micel`ic breke`faste, eathe may the beste the ic eafere break. We_ eaten swa_ micel that we_ ne thorften lunch. Swa_ the bar, the mete`sal ofer`sah the ga_r`segg-brim. Thenen wo_den we_ to_ the po_l and leagen in banana lounges, sokende the sunne. Thus be`ti_nede we_ u_re romantic wuk`ende.

Mo_nen`day, 17 Jan 2005

Hwa_ cumeth forme to_ werk ealc day? Wayne, i`wiss? Hwear was Anita and hire kin hwanne the greate i_th slo_h the strandes of east Sri Lanka? In a_n i`berglic, i`su_nd stede on the e_yes o_there si_de.

Ti_wes`day, 18 Jan 2005

Ic wrohte a_n ne_we cine umbe the Merck Manuals for the MSDforGPs-web`sto_w. The kines van Egdom and Groom co_men to_ eafen`mete be us. Ron spak umbe the bri_singes and leales he on`fe_ng seylende on the wukende in windes of great thrak.

Wo_denes`day, 19 Jan 2005

Ic ne wa_t for`hwon me li_keth the layout of web`cines in CSS to_ wircen. Na_thi_leas, fa_nd ic mi_n werk be the Merck Manuals swi_the cwe_me.

Thuneres`day, 20 Jan 2005

Hit reynede this eafen. Thus, ne mihten we_ a_n film in Olympic Park be`se_`n, mid the kines Nottley and Desantis. In his lo_h, ye_den we_ to Bricciola, a_n restaurant in Concord. Na_t`hwilc onyat that Bricciola nu_ a_h e_k the pizzeria twa_ scoppes of`du_ne. Forthi_, we_ hehten pizzas for the cildre. We_ beaden de_rere disces.

Fri_y`day, 21 Jan 2005

Ic te_gede un`faste endes at Merck. Cerrde be us, be`sah ic "Rearende Helen" mid Cate Hudson and Jon Corbet, the ic break fele.

Sater`day, 22 Jan 2005

After lunch at Morris Avenue, Mo_der fre_nd Kerry efesede the fax of alle the maydenes in u_re kin. (Kerry efeseth. Hwanne tile ic this, ic sni_the.) Sithen, swe_p Mo_der a_n heap of heares of the flo_r.

Sunnen`day, Jan 23 2005

Hwether strand me_ bet listeth? Noosa other Hwal-strand? Me_ thinketh Noosa, an`cumen on`yean to_ this sce_ne stede. It reynede for thre_ dayes be u_re ha_liy`dayes thear. Hwethere, i`hwa_ break this wuke.

Mo_nen`day, Jan 24 2005

Sea-li_s wearen i`hwear in the water this day. Hu_re, swummen we_ simble. I`thoht - we_ ne thenken umbe fore`genges and afores swa_ micel swa_ o_there the_des and eafestnesses.

Ti_wes`day, Jan 25 2005

Ic waccede God`yefe hwarfen in the water, du_fen under the i_thes and leapen ofer the fa_m.