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Jan 2003

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

Ti_wes`day, 31 Dec 2002

On this day ble_w the wind mid swilce strengthe that the fi_r`werkes of`do_n wearen. Me_ was swi_the arfeth to_ he_ren the i`wose of u_re fre_nd y`gadered thear.

Wo_denes`day, 1 Jan 2003

Dieter and Liesel ofer`nihten (wunen) at u_re hu_s.

Thuneres`day, 2 Jan 2003

Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware faren to_ the strand mid here fre_nd Milana and hire kin.

Fri_y`day, 3 Jan 2003

Ic bake hamburgers on the gas-fi_r (BBQ) withu_ten.

Sater`day, 4 Jan 2003

A_n i`li_c rerd at the ha_m of Mi_ld`yith and O_s`mu_nd, mid gas y`baken. Ic he_re 'the Cikenes Tale': On Cri_stes`masse, Caoimhes mo_der thingede that the meayth a_n ful meal eten, lat in the eafen after la_ng dayes eting, theah na_n man ru_m in wa_mbe hafde and na_n lust thear`to_ hafde. Tha_ Dario ki_thede that the cikenes ne to_ wisse y`baken wearen, tha_ warth Caoimhes mo_der swi_the wra_th.

Sunnen`day, 7 Feb 2003

Eadiy i`Bird`day Fader.

This year will ic in mi_n day`bo_k wri_ten. Hwat? Ic wille abu_ten mi_n li_f wri_ten. Hwear? Inne`bordes. At ha_m. Hwanne? I`hwilc Wo_denes`day be`twix 6.15 e 7 stu_ndes. Ic ne ma_ in train wri_ten may. Nu_ hafe ic a_n wayn. I`se_liye, me bet listeth at mi_n desk to_ wri_ten. It is arfether in train ak ic may that do_n. Mi_n earest i`thoht was eafric morgen to_ wri_ten, ak that ne is makelic, a`cumend`lic oththe eathelic.