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Dec 2004

a personal weblog in Early Middle English

mi_n li_f after mi_ne fore`genges i`the_de

Sater`day, 04 Dec 2004

Eafen`mete mid Ermen`hild and Tata.

This day ye_den we_ bi_ wayne to_ Darawun. Was swi_the arfethlic parkingstede to_ fi_nden. Ermen`hildes bu_r is swi_the li_tel. Thear eaten we_ eafen`mete mid Ermen`hild and Tata.

Sunnen`day, 05 Dec 2004

This day feagede ic u_re bath`cofe, ful`fremende thear`to_. God`yefe and ic ye_den be fo_t to_ the ne_we Scopping`sto_w at Ent`ha_m and in`ge_ngen bi_ the steayer aften.

Mo_nen`day, 06 Dec 2004

This day readde ic ma_ of Geoffrey Blainey's 'A Short History of the World'. Me_ li_keth the wereldstear. Ic bru_ke this bo_k wel ne_h swa_ Bill Bryson's engrossing 'A Short History of Everything' that is so_thli_ce a_n spel umbe the thrim`liceste scientific discoveries.

Ti_wes`day, 07 Dec 2004

To_ se_n Offa pleyen mi_n a_ld guitar - a_n Gibson ES125, brirde me_ to_ leyken on`yean. He_ ke_pneth hise lessons mid U_ht`ri_c, the i`wiss ne was so_thlic at the gle_`sko_l 'Mayen'.

Wo_denes`day, 08 Dec 2004

Eafen`mete be Hild and Coinneach.

Yestren`eafen ye_den we_ to_ hu_se u_re ne_h`i`bu_res - Hild and Coinneach, a_n barbeque to_ eten. Dimos and Despina and here cildre e_k co_men. We_ matheleden abu_ten the sceades be`twix the Englisce circe and the charismatic circe thider Ruairidh and Kine`burh ga_n. Me_ thuhte that Coinneach ne fa_nd eathe, u_re spe_c umbe eafestnesse and ha_liynesse.

Thuneres`day, 09 Dec 2004

Yestren warth Offa alse Prefect at his sko_l y`chosen. He_ was swi_the chuffed and Ead`yefe and ic wearen swi_the mo_dful. In the eafen God`yefe sang 'My Country' mid the sko_les choir at Midherte-hospital. Ic on`fe_ng twa_ ne_we mobiles, the ic yaf to_ Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware. Ic nu_ ne_te Mo_d`thri_thes a_ld mobile.

Fri_y`day, 10 Dec 2004

Yestren`eafen, cerreden Ead`yefe, Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware to_ the ne_we ceap`thorp ne_h us. Mo_d`thri_th hafde sco_s y`segen that sce_ wolde e_wen to_ Ead`yefe. At the office at ende y`cwath ic the problem mid the sceawing of XML-i`writes in Internet Explorer.

Sater`day, 11 Dec 2004

The maydenes danced tingeli_ce and mid poise at here year`-be`ti_nende concert. We_ ne hafden i`no_h ti_d at the Wendel`sea`-restaurant u_re eafen`metes to_ eten and scolden hem in boxes stellen. the eareste bire, ic grappled mid GPRS and MMS. Ba_the Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware willen ne_ten tha_s in here mobiles.

Sunnen`day, 12 Dec 2004

This was a_n day to_ y`munen. The cildre fratweden the tre_ and Ead`yefe he_ng the lihtes at`foren and at`hinden the hu_s. After no_n ic feagede the laundry.

Mo_nen`day, 13 Dec 2004

Winn`sta_n, min i`si_th at La_cning, cerrede mid maniy photos of hise yunge sune of fower wukes. Offa ye_de to_ his be`ti_nende Scouts-thing. Ic hope that he fi_ndeth a_n i`li_ce dre_ging of i`ma_ne in the cumende year.

Ti_wes`day, 14 Dec 2004

Offa warth alse Captain of hise sko_l a`boden. This was a_n micel a_r. Swi_the un`we_ned was the Principal's sce_ld for go_d cester`warescipe that sce_ u_the mid the remarks: "...neafere be`ho_feth us to_ asken, swi_gli_ce ga_th umbe the task i`lear`eres and o_there students to_ helpen".

Wo_denes`day, 15 Dec 2004

Breke`faste and lunches for Offa and God`yefe makede, and hem to_ sko_l numen, ic ye_de late to_ werk, swa_ wuneli_ce. Thear was a_n i`me_ting at the office mid Siye`ward and Donato fram Weate Sihth.

Thuneres`day, 16 Dec 2004

'Annie' micele spe_w alse the year`-be`ti_nende sceawing at the primary-sco_l in Fugel`wa_ld. Ead`yefe on`fe_ng accolades and effusive lof from Leni the principal. Ic videotaped the sceawing.

Fri_y`day, 17 Dec 2004

The reports of ba_the Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware wearen wunderlic. The comments fram here Frencisce i`lear`ere wearen bufen alle glo_wende. Ealc on`fe_ng a_n certificate for u_t`standende afning (forme in class) and fower o_there certificates for consistent afning. Ead`yefe was at the award-i`mo_t and be`sah ba_the on`fe_ngen a_n award the man an to_ tha_ the winnen fi_f other ma_re certficates.

Sater`day, 18 Dec 2004

We_ smikereden the hu_s and yard. At fi_f stu_ndes thri`tiy, the forme of u_re sex and thri`tiy gestes an`co_men. Thear wearen fower`te_ne ful`waxen`es and twentiy cildre. Alle the ful`waxenes seaten umbe twa_ be_des under the pergola be`twix the hu_s and the po_l. Thear was micele drinking and mirhth.

Sunnen`day, 19 Dec 2004

Mo_der nam us to_ 'Vishnu's Wa_mb' at Ti_wes`du_n. Ic lufe this restaurant y`sett in i`scap other li_cnesse of Indonesisce thorpe. Ic fa_nd it swi_the stille and frith`sum and the twiyes breadde du_ke was smiker. The wenceles seaten on bolsteres be`hinden wa_g`riftes.

Mo_nen`day, 20 Dec 2004

Ic was swi_the bisiy at werk. Se_liye, Chandra is a_n swi_the gleaw i`si_th and nimeth a_n micel last. Mi_n a_lde wine Madoc, fri_kere and singere, ringde u_t of the blue, willende citeren and hopende us to_ se_n ear in Ianuarius. We_ eaten the eafen`mete withu_ten.

Ti_wes`day, 21 Dec 2004

Ic dide the bulk of mi_n Cri_stes`mass`e-`scopping at Gilleasbuig-`ceap`tu_n. The maydenes readden me_ wel in the kire of fratwe and a_n hand`pohhe. Ic bohte at least twa_ bo_kes for ealc wencel.

Wo_denes`day, 22 Dec 2004

Ic breadde hamburgers on the grill ofer the gas-fi_r withu_ten. Ic wra_h Ead`yefes yifte - a_n swi_the spanende box the he_ld a_n clister of go_des. The ha_l kin, mid Milana - Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`wares fre_nd, seagen the Cri_stes`mass`e-lihtes of Mar`hirst and for`wunderede wearen of here sci_me.

Thuneres`day, 23 Dec 2004

Mi_n i`bird`day

Ic ye_de to_ the office and wrohte til mid`day. Tha_ ic i`the_dde me_ mid the o_theres fram u_re KIIA section at La_cninges year`-be`ti_nende sweasende. Ic at prawns, octopus, Tandoori-`ciken and Peters-i_s-creams and drank be_r mid Winn`sta_n, Xiao and Anika. Yif ic intrepettede, that weare a_n simbel. Thoh ic ne dancede. That eafen ic at pasta mid mi_n kin at Marinaio, Italisc restaurant at Ent`ha_m-ceap`thorp.

Fri_y`day, 24 Dec 2004


Mi_n kin ye_de to_ Sanct Swi_th`hunes Cathedral for the masse of carols and a`readinges. It was a_n swi_the smiker and i`thweare masse. Ear that, ic me_w the gras, swe_p the ganges, cleansede the po_l and thanne late in the eafen wa_nd the yiftes for Mo_d`thri_th, Ro_th`ware and Offa and dide hem under the tre_, to_`emnes the yiftes for Ead`yefe and God`yefe, the ic yu_ wa_nd.

Sater`day, 25 Dec 2004


We_ ne mihten a_n masse fi_nden this morgen. The circe 'Ha_liy Thrines' at Mid`herte West ne was smiker and the masse at St Iacobus, Croge`dene endede tha_ we_ to_`co_men, at te_n thri`tiy. The wenceles wearen swi_the eadiy mid here yiftes - tha_ Halge Nicholas brohte and stellede in here sackes on the herth (fi_r-stede`) and tha_ the we_ yeafen. Lunch was at Mo_der hu_s. The eafen`mete for the ha_l meayth De Courcy was at u_re hu_s. We_ spe_wen twentiy ful`waxenes to_ sett`en at fower be_des. This was a_n orme_te spe_d. "We_ se_n yow ne_h`ste year he_r," sayde Alf`flad smirkende, tha_ sce_ a`fo_r.

Sunnen`day, 26 Dec 2004

We_ hafden the to_`wird u_re yiftes to_ bru_ken. Ic ble_w in`til the inflatable lilo (mid heafed`-rest) and fleat abu_ten the po_l readende 'Mannes Si_th: a_n Genetic Odyssey' bi_ Spencer Welles. Ro_th`ware sayde that sce_ neafere ear he_rde me_ lahhen swa_ micele swa_ dide ic be`se_`nde 'Galaxy Quest' - a_n of the DVDs the man me_ yaf.

Mo_nen`day, 27 Dec 2004

Lunch at Cleay`land-strand

Ic dra_f mi_n kin to_`gadere mid Mo_der, to the strand`hu_s of Le_f`flad and Berht`ri_c. We_ eaten, we_ drunken, and mathelden on the balcony ofer`lo_kende the strand. Hwat saye ic umbe that menging of se_des, cornes and nutes - Dukkah, mid the olive-`ele and su_r`da_h`!? Le_f`flad ke_pneth werk alse Naturopath in bu_re at Elm`burh ne_h`ste year. After no_n Berht`ri_c, Ead`yefe and ic swummen at the strand mid the wenceles thenden Mo_der and Le_f`flad i`wuneden at the hu_s and citereden. I`thoht: a_n ne_we leaf wende.

Ti_wes`day, 28 Dec 2004

Offa and ic fu_nden thrimlice chess pieces in Plato at Ent`ha_m-ceap`thorp. Sithen be`sah ic the be`ti_nende chapter of 'Wadende mid Co_f`men' and eft 'Spi_thre`man 2'. Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware fe_rden mid `Milana's kin to_ Wind`wa_ld-strand and sithen ofer`nihten be hem.

Wo_denes`day, 29 Dec 2004

Ic caught up with this day`bo_k, wra_h sume bare lappes on the gras mid compost thenden Ead`yefe and Offa scoppeden. Hi_ cerrden mid 'Rugby 2004' for PS2, bu_ten wrixelen the hemethe the Mo_der me_ yaf.

Thuneres`day, 30 Dec 2004

Ic he_ng the fayere sceaw`eres the Mo_d`thri_th and Ro_th`ware makeden and folgede the un`fa_ldende tragedy on`le_sde bi_ the greate i_th in Su_th`east Asia. Eft fleat ic in the po_l, readende umbe the Reformation in 'A_n Scort Stear of the Wereld'. Tha_ Mere`grot to_`com to_ nimen God`yefes fre_nd Aleida, tha_ drank ic sparkende wi_n mid hire and Ead`yefe. For the eafen`mete breadde ic kebabs.

Fri_y`day, 31 Dec 2004


Ic fleat in the po_l mid Ead`yefe and God`yefe, readende the spell of the introduction of de_ges based on cochinel and indigo and alswa_ swilce wirtes hwilce potato, tomato, maize, artichoke and pepper, to_ Europe in the sex`te_nthe century; ic readde ma_ umbe A_nnes (Unitarianism) and for the eareste bire - Deism - the i`leafe in a_n non-interventionist God. Fram radio interview mid the President of the A_n`nes`circe in mi_n burh`stede, ic com to_ the be`ti_ning that the A_n`nes`circe is sum`deal dweas and ble_leas. Me_ li_keth the ritual and sa_ng of the ma_re protestant circes. The A_n`nes`circe in Australia nis swa_ mayen`fast swa_ the circe Unitarian Universalist in the I`a_nede Land`scares (United States). Alle the kin bruken the Ne_we`year`eafenes simbel be Wulf`ru_n and Kine`frith (Meregrotes fader) at Hunte`du_n. Ro_the`ri_c and ic leykeden u_re guitares be`foren the fi_r-werkes at midde`niht.