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the Peterborough Chronicle second continuation 1137-8

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D`is gaere for t`e king Stephne ofer sae to Normandi; & ther wes underfangen, fort`i d`at hi uuenden d`at he sculde ben alsuic alse the eom wes, & for he hadde get his tresor; ac he todeld it & scatered sotlice. Micel hadde Henri king gadered gold & syluer, & na god ne dide me for his saule tharof. T`a t`e king Stephne to Englaland com, t`a macod he his gadering aet Oxeneford. & t`ar he nam t`e biscop Roger of Serebyri, & Alexander biscop of Lincol & te canceler Roger, hise neues, & dide aelle in prisun til hi iafen up here castles. T`a the suikes undergaeton d`at he milde man was & softe & god, & na iustise ne dide, t`a diden hi alle wunder. Hi hadden him manred maked & athes suoren, ac hi nan treuthe ne heolden. Alle he waeron forsworen & here treothes forloren, for aeuric rice man his castles makede & agaenes him heolden; & fylden t`e land ful of castles. Hi suencten suyd`e t`e uurecce men of t`e land mid castelweorces; t`a t`e castles uuaren maked, t`a fylden hi mid deoules & yuele men. T`a namen hi t`a men t`e hi wenden d`at ani god hefden, bathe be nihtes & be daeies, carlmen & wimmen, & diden heom in prisun & pined heom efter gold & syluer untellendlice pining; for ne uuaeren naeure nan martyrs swa pined alse hi waeron. Me henged up bi the fet & smoked heom mid ful smoke. Me henged bi the t`umbes other bi the hefed & hengen bryniges on her fet. Me dide cnotted strenges abuton here haeued & uurythen it d`at it gaede to t`e haernes. Hi diden heom in quarterne t`ar nadres & snakes & pades waeron inne, & drapen heom swa. Sume hi diden in crucethur — d`at is, in an caeste t`at was scort & nareu & undep — & dide scaerpe stanes t`aerinne & t`rengde t`e man t`aerinne d`at him braecon alle t`e limes. In mani of t`e castles waeron lof & grin; d`at waeron rachenteges d`at twa ot`er thre men hadden onoh to baeron onne, t`at was sua maked, d`at is, faestned to an beom — & diden an scaerp iren abuton t`a mannes throte & his hals, d`at he ne myhte nowiderwardes, ne sitten ne lien ne slepen, oc baeron al d`at iren. Mani t`usen hi drapen mid hungaer. I ne can ne i ne mai tellen alle t`e wunder ne alle t`e pines d`at hi diden wrecce men on t`is land; & d`at lastede t`a xix wintre wile Stephne was king, & aeure it was uuerse & uuerse. Hi laeiden gaeildes on the tunes aeure um wile, & clepeden it 'tenserie'. T`a t`e uurecce men ne hadden nammore to gyuen, t`a raeueden hi & brendon alle the tunes, d`at wel t`u myhtes faren al a daeis fare, sculdest thu neure finden man in tune sittende ne land tiled. T`a was corn daere, & fle[s]c & caese & butere, for nan ne waes o t`e land. Wrecce men sturuen of hungaer. Sume ieden on aelmes t`e waren sum wile rice men. Sume flugen ut of lande. Wes naeure gaet mare wreccehed on land ne naeure hethen men werse ne diden t`an hi diden; for ouer sithon ne forbaren hi nouther circe ne cyrceiaerd, oc namen al t`e god d`at t`arinne was & brenden sythen t`e cyrce & al tegaedere. Ne hi ne forbaren biscopes land ne abbotes ne preostes, ac raeueden munekes & clerekes, & aeuric man other t`e ouermyhte. Gif twa men ot`er iii coman ridend to an tun, al t`e tunscipe flugaen for heom, wenden d`at hi waeron raeueres. T`e biscopes & lered men heom cursede aeure, oc was heom naht t`arof, for hi uueron al forcursaed & forsuoren & forloren. War sae me tilede, t`e erthe ne bar nan corn, for t`e land was al fordon mid suilce daedes. & hi saeden openlice d`at Crist slep, & his halechen. Suilc, & mare t`anne we cunnen saein, we t`ol[ed]en xix wintre for ure sinnes.

On al t`is yuele time heold Martin abbot his abbotrice xx wintre & half gaer & viii daeis mid micel suinc; & fand t`e munekes & te gestes al t`at heom behoued & heold mycel carited in the hus, & t`ot`wethere wrohte on t`e circe & sette t`arto landes & rentes & goded it suythe & laet it refen, & brohte heom into t`e neuuae mynstre on Sancte PETRES maessedaei mid micel wurtscipe: d`at was anno ab Incarnatione Domini Millesimo cxl, a combustionê loci xxiii. & he for to Rome, & t`aer waes wael underfangen fram t`e Pape Eugenie; & begaet thare priuilegies, an of alle t`e landes of t`abbotrice & an ot`er of t`e landes t`e lien to t`e circewican, &, gif he leng moste liuen, alse he mint to don of t`e horderwycan. & he begaet in landes t`at rice men hefden mid strengthe: of Willelm Malduit, t`e heold Rogingham t`ae castel, he wan Cotingham & Estun; & of Hugo of Walteruile he uuan Hyrtlingbyri & Stanewig & lx sol of Aldewingle aelc gaer. & he makede manie munekes, & plantede winiaerd, & makede mani weorkes & wende t`e tun betere t`an it aer waes; & waes god munec & god man, & fort`i him luueden God & gode men.

Nu we willen saegen sum del wat belamp on Stephnes kinges time. On his time t`e Iudeus of Noruuic bohton an Cristen cild beforen Estren, & pineden him alle t`e ilce pining d`at ure Drihten was pined, & on Lang Fridaei him on rode hengen for ure Drihtines luue & sythen byrieden him; wenden d`at it sculde ben forholen. Oc ure Dryhtin atywede d`at he was hali martyr; & t[e] munekes him namen & bebyried him heglice in t`e minstre. & he maket t`ur[h] ure Drihtin wunderlice & manifaeldlice miracles; & hatte he Sanct Willelm.


Millesimo cxxxviii. On t`is gaer com Dauid king of Scotland mid ormete faerd to t`is land; woolde winnan t`is land. & him com togaenes Willelm eorl of Albamar, t`e t`e king adde beteht Euorwic, & t[e] other aeuez men mid faeu men; & fuhten wid heom, & flemden t`e king aet te Standard, & sloghen suithe micel of his genge.