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Layamon: Brut (lines 10534-10706)

in a normalised Early Middle English (East Midland dialect c 1200)

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Lage`man: Brite

Tha_ co_men ti_dinges to_ Arthur the kinge.
that se_k was Howel his meay thear-fore he_ was sa_riy.
in Clud liggende and thear he_ him be`leafde.
Hi_gend`li_ce swi_the forth he_ gan li_then.
that he_ be`halfes Bathe beah to_ a_ne fe_lde.
thear he_ a`lihte and his cnihtes alle.
and on mid here birnes bernes sterne.
and he_ a fi_f deales dealde his ferd.
Tha_ he_ hafde al y`sett and al hit y`se_med.
tha_ dide he_ on his birne y`broyden of ste_le.
the makede a_n elfisc smith mid athele his crafte.
he_ was y`ha_ten Wig`hard the Wi_tege worhte.
His scankes he_ helede mid hosen of ste_le.
Caliburne his swerd he_ swengde bi_ his si_de.
hit was y`wroht in Avalon mid wigel`fulle craftes.
Helm he_ sette on heafde he_h of ste_le.
thear-on was maniy a yimm-sta_n al mid golde be`ga_n.
it was Utheres the athele kinges.
it was y`ha_ten Go_s`hwi_t to_ ealc o_there un`i`li_c.
He_ he_ng on his swi_re eanne sce_ld de_re.
his name was on Britisc Pridwen y`ha_ten.
thear was innen y`grafen mid reade golde stafes.
a_n on-li_cnes de_re of Drihtenes mo_der.
His spere he_ nam on hande tha_ Ron was y`ha_ten.
Tha_ he_ hafde al his i`weades tha_ le_p he_ on his ste_de.
Tha_ hi_ mihten be`ha_lden tha_ be`halfes sto_den.
the fayereste cniht the ferde scolde leaden.
ne y`sah neafere na_ man se_lere cniht na_ne.
thanne him was Arthur athelest kinnes.
Tha_ clepede Arthur mid lu_de stefene.
La_ hwear he_r be`foren u_s heathene hu_ndes
the slo_gen u_re alderes mid li_there here craftes.
and hi_ us be_n on lande la_thest alre thinges.
Nu_ fu_sen we_ ha_m to_ and starkli_ce hem leggen on.
and wreken wunderlice u_re kin and u_re ri_ce.
and wreken the micele scame that hi_ us y`scend habben.
that hi_ ofer i_then co_men to_ Dertemu_the.
and alle hi_ be_n for`sworene and alle hi_ be_n for`lorene.
hi_ be_n for`de_med alle mid Drihtenes filste.
Fu_sen we_ nu_ forth`ward faste to_`samene.
efene alswa_ softe swa_ we_ na_n ifel ne thohten.
and thanne we_ hem cumen to_ mi_`self ic willen on`fo_n.
a_ne alre formeste that fiht ic wille be`ginnen.
Nu_ we_ sculen ri_den and ofer land gli_den,
and na_ man bi_ his life lu_de ne wircen,
ak faren fastli_ce. Drihten us filsten.
Tha_ ri_den a`gan Arthur the ri_ce man.
beah ofer wa_lde and Bathe wolde i`se_cen.
Tha_ ti_dende com to_ Cildrice the stra_nge and the ri_ce
that Arthur mid ferde com al yare to_ fihte.
Cildric and his ohte men le_pen hem to_ horse,
y`gripen here weapenes hi_ wisten hem y`fe_`d.
This i`sah Arthur athelest king,
i`sah he_ eanne heathene erl ha_lden him to_`yeanes,
mid sefen hundred cnihtes al yarwe to_ fihten.
The erl him`self fe_rde be`foren al his genge,
and Arthur him`self arn be`foren al his ferde.
Arthur the re_ge Ron nam on hande,
he_ strahte scaft starke, sti_th`mo_de king.
his hors he_ le_t ernen that the erthe dinede.
Sce_ld he_ breayd on bre_ste - the king was a`bolgen.
He_ sma_t Borel the erl thurh`u_t the bre_ste.
that the herte to_`ca_n and the king clepede ana_n.
"The formeste is feaye nu_ filsten us Drihten
and the hefenlice cwe_n the Drihten a`kennede."
Tha_ clepede Arthur athelest king:
"Nu_ hem to_! Nu_ hem to_! That formest is wel i`do_n!"
Brites hem leyden on swa_ me scal a li_there do_n.
Hi_ bittere swipes yeafen mid axes and mid swerdes.
Thear fe_llen Cildrices men fulle twa_ thu_send,
swa_ neafere Arthur ne leas neafere eanne of his.
thear wearen Saxisce men of folke alre armest.
and tha_ Alemainisce men yemerest alre le_des.
Arthur mid his swerde feayescipe worhte.
al that he_ sma_t to_ hit was so_ne for`do_n.
Al was the king a`bolgen swa_ bith the wi_lde ba_r,
thanne he_ in the maste maniye swi_n i`me_teth.
This i`sah Cildric and gan him to_ cerren.
and beah him ofer Avone to_ bergen him`selfe.
and Arthur him leak to_ swa_ hit a lion weare,
and fu_sde hem to_ flo_de; maniye thear wearen feaye.
thear sunken to_ the gru_nde fi_f and twentiy hundred.
tha_ al was Avone stream mid ste_le y`brigged.
Cildric ofer that water fleah mid fi_f`te_ne hundred cnihten,
thohte forth si_then and ofer sea li_then.
Arthur i`sah Colgrim cli_mben to_ munte.
bugen to_ the hille tha_ ofer Bathe standeth,
and Baldulf beah him after mid sefen thu_send cnihtes.
Hi_ thohten in the hille he_hli_ce at`standen,
werren hem mid weapenen and Arthur a`wemmen.
Tha_ i`sah Arthur athelest of kinges,
hwear Colgrim at`sto_d and eak stathel (ste_l) wrohte,
tha_ clepede the king ke_nlice lu_de.
Ba_lde mi_ne theynes bu_gen to_ the hilles.
For yestren`day was Colgrim of manne alre ke_nest.
Nu_ to_ him is al swa_ to_ the ga_te thear he_ the hil bewa_t,
heah uppen hille fehteth mid hornes.
Thenene cumeth the wulf wi_lde to_`ward him wi_ndende.
Theah the wulf be_ a_ne bu_ten ealc i`ma_ne,
and thear wearen in a_ne loke fi_f hundred ga_tes,
the wulf hem to_ i`wi_teth and alle hem a`bi_teth.
Swa_ ic wille nu_ to_`day Colgrim al for`de_men.
Ic am wulf and he_ is ga_t. The gume scal be_n feaye.
Tha_ ye_t clepede Arthur athelest kinges.
"Yestren`day was Baldulf cnihtes alre ba_ldest.
Nu_ he_ standeth on hille and Avone be`ha_ldeth;
hu_ liyen in the streame ste_les fisces.
Mid swerde be`yarwede here su_nd is a`wemmed;
here scales wlitiy`en swilc gold-fa_ge sce_ldes;
thear fle_ten here spites swilc hit speres wearen.
Thise be_n selcu_the thing y`sigen to_ thise lande;
swilce de_r on hille, swilce fisces in welle.
Yestren`day was the keysere ke_nest alre kinges.
Nu_ he_ is be`cumen hunte and hornes him folgen.
fle_hth ofer bra_de wa_ld; berken his hu_ndes.
He_ hafeth be`halfes Bathen his huntinge be`leafed;
fram his de_re he_ fle_hth and we_ hit sculen fallen,
and his ba_lde i`be_t to_ nohte i`bringen;
and swa_ we_ sculen bruken rihtes beyeten."
Efene mid the wordes that the king seyde,
he_ breayd he_ge his sce_ld foren to_ his bre_ste;
he_ i`gra_p his spere la_nge; his hors he_ gan spuren.
Ne_h al swa_ swi_the swa_ the fugel fle_geth,
folgeden the kinge fi_f and twentiy thu_send
_wihte manne, wo_de under weapenes.
helden to_ hille mid he_gere strengthe.
and uppen Colgrime smiten mid swi_the smarte bites
And Colgrim hem thear hente and fellde tha_ Brites to_ gru_nde.
in the formeste reas fulle fi_f hundred.
That i`sah Arthur athelest kinges
and warth him i`wra_thed wunder a_ne swi_the.
and thus clepen a`gan Arthur the he_ge man.
War be_th ye_ Brites; ba_lde mi_ne bernes.
He_r standen us be`foren u_re i`fa_n alle i`coren.
gumen mi_ne go_de leggen we_ hem to_ gru_nde.
Arthur i`gra_p his swerd riht and he_ sma_t eanne Saxisce cniht.
that the swerd that was swa_ go_d at the te_th at`sto_d.
and he_ sma_t eanne o_ther that was the cnihtes bro_ther
that his helm and his heafed helden to_ gru_nde.
the thridde dint he_ so_ne yaf and eanne cniht a`twa_ cleaf.
Tha_ wearen Brites swi_the y`ba_lded.
and leyden on the Saxen _lages swi_the stra_nge.
mid here speres la_nge and mid swerdes swi_the stra_nge.
Saxes thear fe_llen and feaye-si_th makeden.
bi_ hundred bi_ hundred helden to_ the gru_nde.
bi thu_send and bi_ thu_send thear fe_llen eafere in the gru_nd.
Tha_ i`sah Colgrim hwear Arthur com to_`ward him.
ne mihte Colgrim for the wale fle_n on na_ne si_de.
thear faht Baldulf be`si_de his bro_ther.
Tha_ clepede Arthur mid lu_de stefene.
He_r ic cume Colgrim to_ ki_ththe wit sculen reacen;
nu_ wit sculen this land dealen swa_ the_ be_th alre la_thest.
Efene the wordes tha_ the king sayde,
his bra_de swerd he_ up a`ho_f and hardli_ce a`du_n slo_h.
and sma_t Colgrimes helm that he_ a`midde to_`cleaf,
and the birnes ho_d that hit at the bre_ste at`sto_d.
And he_ swengde to_`ward Baldulfe mid his swi_there hande.
and swipte that heafed of forth mid the helme.
Tha_ lo_h Arthur the athele king.
and thus yedden a`gan mid gamenfule wordes.
Liy nu_ thear Colgrim, thu_ weare y`clu_mben he_ge;
and Baldulf thi_ bro_ther liyth bi_ thi_ne si_de.
nu_ ic al this kine-land sette on yower a_gene hand.
dales and du_nes and al mi_ drihtlice folk.
Thu_ clu_mbe a thise hille wunder a_ne he_ge
swilc thu_ woldest to_ hefene nu_ thu_ scalt to_ helle.
thear thu_ miht kennen micele of thi_ne kinne.
And gre_t thu_ thear Hengest the cnihtes was fayer`est,
Ebissa and Ossa, Octa and of thi_ne kinne ma_
and bidde hem thear wunen winteres and sumer`es;
and we_ sculen on lande libben in blisse.
bidden for yower sa_weles that se_l ne werthe hem neafere.
and sculen he_r eafer' ba_nes be`si_de Bathe liyen.