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Early Middle English for today

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Meet the ancestors

unlocking the past with Early Middle English

Ancestry is a fascinating thing. Most people at some point ponder the question of where they came from. It's no surprise then that there is an added dimension to Early Middle English for those whose forebears spoke the languge. It provides an opportunity to connect with the world of their ancestors, 32 generations ago.

Ancestral identity is a central part of Audrey's journey in Anglo-Saxon without tears. I'll let the story deal with the theme more fully. However, one of the issues it touches on is that many Anglo-Saxons - particularly in the New World, tend to ignore their own ancestry and to confuse ancestry with nationality*.

Discover your roots

If you trace your ancestry to medieval England, and are looking to connect to the world of your ancestors, why not try Anglo-Saxon without tears » Early Middle English could be just the thing to bring your ancestry out into the light.

* For more on the confusion of ancestry and nationality, see notes on ancestry and the modern Anglo-Saxon.