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Early Middle English for today

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Conditions of use

for the englesaxe site


There will be English speakers who are fascinated by the 12th century form of their mother tongue. I imagine there will also be interest from some who speak English as a second language, just as some native speakers of English or German or Japanese (for example) might be fascinated by Old French or the Old Occitan (or Proven├žal) of the troubadours. There may also be some who trace their ancestry to medieval England.

Whatever piques your interest in earlier forms of English, welcome, and enjoy, as long as you intend to use this site and the language it teaches, in a spirit of good will to all. If you are selective about good will, or are unsure what that means, please see the second paragraph in the section below on Permissions and prohibitions.

Permissions and prohibitions

You are free to copy all sections of this site, with the exception of Audrey and the attercop (Englisc buten taeres), on condition that the source is attributed and that your purpose is not commercial gain. Audrey's story - Audrey and the attercop (Englisc buten taeres), may not be copied. Copyright for that rests with the author.

In the following, 'background' refers to any one of, or any combination of - religion, ethnicity, culture, nationality and ancestry. I hereby prohibit linking to this site from any web site or blog or social media post which promotes disharmony between people of different backgrounds or calls for the separation, exclusion, eviction or harassment of any group, or the limiting of the rights of any group, on the basis of their background. I also prohibit mentioning this site in a publicly distributed text (hand-written or printed or photo-copied), or in a public speech which in any way promotes social disharmony.

Athelwine Nialsune (Ado Neilson)
1 February 2023