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Table V (alternate) - comparison of spellings in Orm, PC2 and selected 13th century texts

a table of spellings from Peterborough Chronicle, Ormulum, Owl & Nightingale, Layamon's Brut, Ancrene Wisse, Proclamation of Henry III, Sir Orfeo & Chaucer

Peterborough Chronicle (EM 1154)
Ormulum (EM 1161)
Owl & Nightingale (SE 1200?)
Layamon (WM 1220?)
Ancrene Wisse (WM 1220?)
Proclamation of Henry III (SW 1258)
Sir Orfeo (EM 1300?)
Chaucer (EM 1368)
Early Middle English
Old English
Sounds & spellings (see examples below)
  OE PC2 Orm Owl Lmn AW PH3 SO Ch alt eME
/A`:/ a_ a a - a a - - - a__
/O`:/ - - - o (o) (o) oa, o o o, oo -
/a:/ - - - a a a a o a, aa -
/a/ a a a a a a a a a a
/e:/ e_ e e e e e e e e, ee e__
/E`:/ e_a, ae_ ae ae e ae ea ea, ae, e e e, ee ae
/i:/ i_ i i i i i i ii, y y, i i__
/o:/ o_ o o o o o o o o, oo o__
/u:/ u_ u u u u u u ou ou u__
/j/ g` i, g y% y` y` y` y` y` y (y`) y`
/aI`/ aeg` aei, aeg ay%y% ai, ay` ai ai ai ai, ay ay ai
/eI`/ ae_g`, eg` ei, eg ey%y% ei, (ai)         ay, ey ei
/j@`/~ g`e ge* y%e - - - - - - -
/i:/~ - o* /@`/ i i i i i y y i
~/ij/ ig` - iy% - - - - - - -
~/i:/ - i - i i i i i y i__
/S`/ sc sc sh sh, (sch) sc sch sch, shc sch sh, (sch) sc/sh (sch*)
/tS`/ c c ch ch ch ch ch, hc ch ch ch
/dZ`/ c`g` - gg gg gg gg ? gg gg (j) gg
/gg/ cg (gg) - - gg gg gg gg ggh
/x/,/ç/ h h h y`, h h ch y` y` gh, y` h
/xw/ hw w wh w, hw wh hw wh wh wh wh
/G``/ g ch, g(h) y%h` y` y` (hy`) y` y` -(w), (wh) - (w) y`
/kw/ cw cu, qu cw qu qu cw ? qu qu qu
/v/ f u(v) f u(v) u(v) u(v), f u(v) v v v



Issues arising from this spelling comparison:

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Examples taken from the secondary eME sources
  OE PC2 Orm Owl Lmn AW PH3 SO Ch alt eME
/A`:/ sta_n, a_t`, a_n, tha_, swa_, na_n, ha_m, sa_wol, twa_, ma_ra, la_t` stanes, at`es, an, t`a, sua, nan, saule, twa, mare an, t`a, swa, ham, sawle, mare -     ot`e - - sta__n, a__t`, a__n, t`a__, swa__, na__n, ha__m, sa__wel, twa__, ma__re, la__t`
/O`:/ - - - one, s(w)o, no, lot`e, wrot, mo, oy`e, brode         sto(o)n, boot -
/a/ smael, t`aet, waes, c`ealf, macian t`at, was t`att, wass smal, t`at, was         was, that, calf, make(n) smal, t`at, was, calf, maken
/e:/ fe_t                 fe__t
/E`:/ stre_am, he_afod, e_ac, g`e_ar, wae_re, flae_sc, lae_fan gaer, sae shaewenn, whaer, thaer, y`aen heved, ek, y`er, ay`en, were, fleshe, bileve           straem
/i:/ li_f li_f li_f             li__f
/o:/ go_d go_d boc             go__d
/u:/ hu_s hu_s nu, ure, hu             hu__s
/j/ g`eong, G`e_, to_g`e_anes gaer, agenes, iaf, iard, beionde onny`aen, yet             y`ung, Y`e__, ay`aenes
/aI`/ daeg`, maeg`, maeg`den, saeg`de, faeg`er daei, lai, mai, saeden, saein, fair day`y`, may`y`denn mai, faire       day, t`ai, sayde, maiden, fair day, sayde, fair/fayre dai, saide, faier
/eI`/ ae_g`t`er, be_g`en, wre_g`en, ae_g`, beien, eie ey`y`t`er, wrey`enn eit`er, ey`         either eit`er, beien, wreien
/j@`/~ g`eha_ten, g`esaeg`d gehaten y`ehatenn         - - -
/i:/~ - - - iseid       ysayd   iha__ten, isaid
~/ij/ manig` mani, hali -         -   -
~/i:/ - -   -           mani__
/S`/ sc`e_ld sculde, scip shollde sheld, schal           sce__ld
/tS`/ c`i_ld cild, rice, micel, lic, aeuric child, macche suich, recchet`           chi__ld
/dZ`/ bric`g`       brugge brugge     brigge brigge
/gg/ frogga, docga (gg)     frogge   froggen       frogge
/x/,/ç/ niht, burh niht, mihte, Drihtin, rihte fehh, rihhte, mihhte             niht, burh
/xw/ hwat wat, wethere, wile, ware whaer           what hwat
/G``/ sorge sorche, halechen, sloghen             sorwe sory`e
/kw/ cwe_n cuen, quarterne cwemenn           quelle, quyk(e), quod que__n
/v/ ifel ivel y`aefe wulues         yvel(e), evel ivel