Ado Neilson

Ado Neilson

mín líte hirne - mia anguleto - my little corner

Trish and Troy

Coming soon - the first instalment in the adventures of Trish and Troy - Trish and Troy in Port Jackson.

Assorted musings on some unsung languages.

Overview of language sub-sites

Early Middle English

Texts from the 12th and 13th centuries, in original and normalised versions, with on-click translation, plus a description of the language (East Midland dialect ca 1200). Coming in Jan 2024 - an easy story-based course.

englesaxe - Anglo-saxon without tears


Articles on the language, literature and community of the most widely spoken of the constructed international languages.

La Dormego - an excerpt from The Big Sleep in Esperanto

Literatura Galerio - brief biographies of selected writers


Articles on other planned auxiliary languages intended for international communication - Latino sine flexione, Ido, Novial, Occidental, Interlingua, Interglossa et al.

Grammar of Interlingua

Front-end web development - Lumteksa web sites - simple, lean and fast

Overview of the web development sub-site

Lumteksa - a simple approach to fast web sites

LWS - Lean web sites - fast, easy to develop and maintain; MPAs (Multi-page applications); Yaralla Ekteksa Fulmoteksa Belteksa Malpeza Quickweave Light(ning)weave Slimweave; MASH, Stenografia CSS, stenofolia, Maldika, Kurta; ileto, umo, umaĵo, umilo

Not all web sites are suited to refactoring as an SPA (single page application). Learn how to mark up an html page that differs little in file size from the equivalent JSON. Leave the frameworks behind. Keep your business logic on the server and your routing in the browser and deliver a web experience to your users that is not only fast, but easy to maintain.

coming soonish now go go go Lumteksa - a simple approach to fast web sites

Modular and shorthand CSS class names (Steno-CSS)

Keep your CSS and your HTML mark-up as trim as possible with a combination of modular and shorthand CSS class names.

coming soon Steno-CSS - simple, concise CSS

Simple JavaScript widgets - called as required

Keep your JavaScript as trim as possible with simple dependency management which downloads the widget code only when needed. And grab some concise code for all the common JavaScript widgets - light box, modal overlay, accordion, tabbed interface, drop-down, show-hide, scrolling photo galleries, carousels and fade and slide animation i.a.

coming soon Simple JavaScript widgets